Get Ready to Bet on World Cup with Crypto 

As the world gathers around Qatar to begin one of the most spectacular events in the world’s history, the question is, are you ready to follow where the ball leads?

Now is the time for the biggest football event in the world. Not only can you watch spectacular matches, but you can also profit from your passion for football by betting with crypto.

Why You Should Bet With Crypto 

The 2022 World Cup will be historic as the first World Cup to be played in the Arab world, and it opens more doors to what you can do to have a fantastic experience this winter. 

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Online gambling can give you that unique experience you have been craving. Today online gambling is even better, with access to choices that give you more opportunities and advantages over betting with the usual fiat currencies.

Crypto sportsbooks have changed how betting works and added more flavor to the taste. Here are some of the advantages you get to enjoy with crypto betting:

Total Anonymity: One of the many pitfalls of betting with fiat is that it exposes your data to mainstream financial institutions, which are controlled by the government, which means they can store and access your data for use. However, everything changes with crypto betting because there are no banks, and your private details are not needed for transactions.

Decentralization and Security: Everyone wants a foolproof system and a system where there is less human intervention or mistakes. With cryptocurrencies, the community is in charge of the whole system. All transactions are protected with the use of blockchain, which runs itself and cannot be tampered with, unlike in fiat currencies, where banks are prone to attacks by hackers.

Swift Transactions: You should not have to wait for hours or days simply because you want to withdraw your earnings on fiat-based betting sites. These delays usually occur because banks and different localities have rules and also observe holidays. Now, times have changed as you can withdraw your funds in seconds with crypto betting, which works on a 24/7 basis.

The 2022 World Cup Schedule 

If you intend on betting on the 2022 World Cup with crypto, you might want to know how the events will play out. The group stage will begin from 20 November to 2 December before the Round of 16, which is expected to hold from 3-6 December.

The quarter-finals will start from 9 and 10 December, while the semi-finals will be held on the 13th and 14th of December. The play-off for the third place will be held on 17 December, just one day before the final.

How to Start Betting in Crypto

Here are the steps to starting your game in crypto: 

Step 1. Make short research on crypto 

There are plenty of tokens to choose from – check the most popular ones and find a coin that suits you best. 

Step 2. Buy your preferred token

Once you’ve chosen a coin, you need to buy it. On you can easily buy any token you want. Go to the “Get a Free Wallet” tab and register. After you’ve done that, go to the “Buy/Sell” tab. Enter the amount you want to buy and the crypto you’ve chosen.

Step 3. Choose a bookmaker

For this, you should look for betting platforms with a wide range of cryptocurrencies, lots of events to bet on, and regular promotions with generous prize pools. All of these features can be found on 1xBit. You can bet on all World Cup events and participate in related promotions with huge prize pools.

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Step 4. Register and choose your main token

All you need to do is enter your email address and a password to register on 1xBit. Once you’ve done that, choose from over 40 available tokens for withdrawal and depositing.

Step 5. Bet on the 2022 World Cup 

You’re all set! Now you can bet on your national team or favorite football players and win crypto! 

Get It All on 1xBit 

1xBit leads the world in crypto betting because it has been in the game long enough and offers you what you need to increase your earnings and enjoy yourself.

Welcome Bonus: The Welcome Bonus on 1xBit is massive. It gives you up to 7 BTC once registered for your first four deposits. 

More Choice: There is a high possibility that 1xBit supports your favorite crypto assets since the online sportsbook supports over 40 cryptocurrencies.

Fast Transactions with Zero Fees: With crypto, all transactions on 1xBit proceed at the speed of light. The platform also charges no fees, so you can keep everything you have won and more by engaging in its tournaments, where multiple bonuses are up for grabs.

Football is one of those sports that brings everyone together and gives you that sense of winning. 

You can be part of the winners by betting on the 2022 World Cup using crypto at 1xBit!


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