10 Best Football Streaming Apps You Can Use in 2024

Perhaps it’s the weekend and you would love to catch up with your favorite teams on either a football streaming website or a football streaming app. I have previously shared the best football streaming website where you can watch live football matches.

And in this post, I will share the best football streaming apps that offer high-quality streaming video. Without further ado; Here are my best 10 football streaming apps right now:

  1. ESPN
  2. Yacine TV
  3. Live football TV
  4. Eurosport player
  5. Live football score
  6. Live sports plus HD
  7. Moko TV
  8. Onefootball
  9. Sport TV live
  10. UEFA TV

Let’s stream soccer live on these apps.

1.  ESPN

ESPN has been around for years, and it has been a go-to source for sports lovers who want to keep up with the games. You can stream live football matches, and every other sport of your choice on the ESPN website and their official application.

This amazing app allows you to watch highlights videos and stream live sporting events, as you might anticipate. However, It’s important to remember that while you keep up with football matches, you cannot watch them.

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For instance, on the ESPN app, you can read all the news about a particular sporting event like a football or basketball game, but you can not stream live games in real-time.

For you to stream live football matches, you’ll need an ESPN subscription. You can watch the highlights of the games after they have ended. This allows you to see every action, goal, etc. for every game you’re interested in. In conclusion, you can keep up with everything occurring in sports using the ESPN app.


2. Yacine TV

While on my research, I caught up with a friend who recommended an Android TV app called Yacine TV. And the best part is, the TV has no adverts and it’s completely free to use.

Yacine TV application has a user-friendly interface and a high-quality live video, and that makes it a great choice. However, there are lots of great features on the TV app like the D’Box expansion.

This feature allows users to stream live sporting events like soccer and other sports outside of their country.

In addition, the Yacine TV application offers all forms of different video resolutions, including 480p, 720p, and 1080p, and you can change the video streaming quality based on your internet connection.

Plus, there is a lot of information available on the application, and practically all sports are available for free live streaming.


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3. Live Football TV

Live Football TV application is another great live soccer streaming app that provides links to different football games from different leagues and tournaments and these links are updated every hour before kickoff.

And the best part is, it’s completely free, and you can download the live football TV application on your Android phone, tablet, and personal computer.

The user interface is responsive and the videos are of high quality. The only negative about the live football TV app is that it has advertisements that may disturb user pleasure in the game, but you can avoid this by using an ad blocker. It’s an excellent choice for football fans who want to keep up with the game, plus, it’s free.


4. Eurosport Player

The official Eurosport app, Eurosport Player, allows you to follow your favorite sports directly from your Android device. Not just that, you don’t need to search online or comb through TV channels to watch almost every game using this app.

The icon on Eurosport Player is all arranged by sport, and the user interface is quite simple to use. All you need to do is choose your preferred sport to live-stream matches, enjoy the games, and get the most recent news.

Even better, you can make a list of all your favorite sports on this app, and it will alert you whenever new information is added to that list.

I don’t ever again miss a game after I learned about this great feature including the live bottom. The “live” button on Euro Sport Player allows users to watch live football matches covered by Eurosport and is one of the more intriguing aspects.

However, you can select a method from the list to stream live TV to a Smart TV from your Android handset. In addition, you can change the language of your favorite games to your native tongue and learn about the game stats.

In all, this application has proven to be one of the best football streaming apps, and you can enjoy everything that Eurosport has to offer whenever and wherever you want if you use Eurosport or simply don’t want to miss any of your favorite football games.


5. Live Football Score

Live Football Score application is another excellent live football streaming app I found in 2023. Users’ comments about this app grabbed my attention while I was combing the Google Play Store.

A user said; ” the creativity level of live football score applications is amazing and outstanding”. Another user said; ” The application features are awesome and easy to use”.

I had to put it to a taste, and it did live up to my expectations. Live football soccer is an amazing application that gives all soccer news, live scores, stats, fixtures, ranking, storylines, goal scores, etc.

You can also watch football live of your favorite team and get notifications and alerts, in addition, you can follow the desired team and players acquire score-goal alerts.

Live Football Score and the Yacine TV app are probably my best soccer streaming applications in 2024 and perhaps beyond. They are both great and they worry about trying out.

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6. Live Sports Plus HD

Watching live football games is practically easy and simple with live sports plus an HD application. And it’s not just football you can stream live on the app, you can enjoy every sport including wrestling games.

And the best part is that it’s free even an Android phone with less strength can use it. You do not need to sign up, no subscription fee just the app and your internet connection.

Plus the interface is user-friendly, clean, and easy to navigate. So, If you’ve got an Android phone under 4.4 then, this is for you.


7. Moko TV

A few things have been said about the Moko TV application, but for me, it is there with one of the best football streaming apps right now.

What more do I need or features of an application that offers live soccer streaming service? The Moko TV application is completely free and it has some great features which will make it one of my best.

The application offers users quality links, and regardless of your network, it loads a database of live football games that are mostly compatible with your phone, tablet, or laptop.

In all, you can watch live sports events, and updates on the free Android app Moko TV, which includes football, WWE Wrestlemania, basketball, tennis, horse races, and even some popular entertainment films.


8. Onefootball

The Onefootball app offers one of the best football streaming services, and you can get it right on your mobile device.

Along with personalized notifications, you will never miss a match with your favorite league, team, or player. However, four tabs make one football application, and they can be found at the bottom of the page of the application.

All of your personalized news and videos are available under the home tab, and by scrolling below, you may browse through information, films, movies, and other stuff depending on your preferred teams and events.

However, you can reach the Matches tab on the second page including live scores and statistics for all games around the world.

And you can choose to display all games, matches from clubs you follow, or matches you can stream using our app. Another choice is to just watch live football games if you click on the clock on the upper right side.

However, the only bad thing about this app is that the availability of a match or competition may be restricted to certain locations and sometimes languages. But in all, they provide one of the best live soccer streaming services.


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9. Sport TV Live

For real-time sports fanatics, the Sports Live TV application is definitely for you. With the sports TV live app, you will watch high-quality football games and other sports-related content on your smartphone or laptop with ease.

Sports TV’s live application has over 500 channels that feature sports from all over the world to stay up to speed on sporting happenings at all times.

You can stream football, movies, sports news, and other content in addition to live matches like football, tennis, cricket, and volleyball. However, you will see ads before games and during games on Sports TV Streaming, which could disturb the game’s pleasure.

So, there is no opportunity to purchase the removal of adverts since the application is free. The fact that the streams themselves are available in both HD and lower-quality versions makes the app more accessible to users with slower Internet connections.


The UEFA TV application is arguably one of the best football streaming applications out there. This app is very specific about the kind of events, tournaments, and games that users can watch.

On the UEFA TV app, users don’t have access to watch any other football games except the UEFA competitions or games.

However, you can download the UEFA TV app and register for free to access great life and on-demand video coverage from across UEFA’s competitions.

Football fans can sign up to enjoy live match streaming of UEFA’s Youth, Women’s, and Futsal competitions match reruns, magazine shows, live UEFA draws coverage, and much more.

Throughout the regular season, the UEFA TV app will also feature post-match highlights from UEFA’s flagship competitions including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, UEFA Nations League, and European Qualifiers.

In addition, content from the very best of UEFA’s historic video archive will be featured in the form of classic matches, legendary players, and compelling football storytelling.

In all, with the UEFA TV application, football fanatics can enjoy the best of European football though live matches are restricted in certain locations.



Enough being said! Now, you have my best football streaming apps. You won’t have any cause to miss your favorite games with the apps mentioned above. Indeed, they are worth trying out.

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