Football is an entertaining sport that continues to be thrilling and even offers its fans some means to make money whilst enjoying the game and this is through Must Win Teams Today predictions and betting tips.

Therefore, there is a need for the services of accurate websites and sites that predict football matches correctly, and specialize in providing punters with 100 Percent Sure Wins that they can leverage and emerge smiling from daily football fixtures.

This is why Oyapredict has stayed relevant over the years in the football predictions business as we offer our users access to Sure Straight Win For Today tips that they can take advantage of and smile to the bank continuously. 

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Find some Successful Soccer Predictions for the day below.

Must Win Teams Today Daily Predictions – 2 DEC

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Premier League
Brentford vs Luton
Premier League
Arsenal vs Wolves
Bayern vs Union Berlin
RB Leipzig vs Heidenheim
La Liga
Real Madrid vs Granada
Etoile vs Petro Atletico
Antwerp vs Leuven
Always Ready vs Oriente Petrolero
Stuttgart vs Werder Bremen
Partizan vs Vojvodina

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What is a Football Prediction?

As a seasoned football prediction site, we would like our users to understand what a football prediction means. A football prediction can be described as one’s projection of the result of a football game.

Also, there are many aspects of a football game that can be predicted, such as who will win the game, who will score in the game, the number of goals that will be scored, and if both teams will score, amongst several others that can be leveraged by football fans.

What are Direct Win Predictions

Direct Win Predictions are another aspect of predictions and arguably the most popular as it is based on the eventual winner of a football match. 

These games could be in the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, the Portuguese League, and other leagues in Europe and around the world.

In Direct Win Predictions, a winner must emerge from the game and the common notion is that the smaller the odds allotted to the team, the higher the probability of them coming out tops against their opponents.

What are Football Betting Odds?

Football betting odds are numerical estimates of the probability of different football match outcomes, like a team winning, a draw, or the total number of goals scored. 

Bookmakers and sportsbooks utilize these odds to determine the possible rewards for wagers made on various football game outcomes.

Types of Odds

Fractional Odds: These odds are typically used in the United Kingdom and are presented as fractions (e.g., 2/1, 5/2, 9/4). 

Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are commonly used in many parts of Europe and are expressed as decimal numbers (e.g., 3.00, 2.50, 2.25)

Moneyline Odds: Moneyline odds are represented by plus (+) and minus (-) symbols along with numerical values. Positive (+) odds indicate how much profit you can make on a $100 bet, while negative (-) odds indicate how much you need to wager to win $100

Sites That Predict Football Matches Correctly; Do They Exist?

Yes, sites that predict football matches correctly exist! However, they are no clairvoyants and do not see the future.  Therefore, there will be days when the tips of a reliable football prediction site will not go according to plan and I daresay that this is a fact.

How We Offer Our Sure Wins Only Tips

We provide football predictions daily on this page and most of them are 100 percent sure wins that you can try your luck with. The fact remains that there are no guarantees in football betting.

We provide 10 games daily and they can be classified as sure straight win for today tips that you can make use of. On days where the fixtures are not many, we opt for Sure Six Straight win for today or more if possible.

This page offers sure wins only, while other pages give you access to the Over 1.5 Goals tip and Both Teams To Score predictions that may come in handy in your quest to smash the bookies.

Do well to leverage our mostly sure Six Straight Win For Today tips on weekdays and 10 Teams To Win Today on weekends when there are many fixtures in the Premier League. La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 amongst others.

Leagues That You Can Leverage On

There are many leagues that you can take advantage of. The Premier League, arguably the most popular league in the world has many exciting fixtures on offer that you can leverage. La Liga has its share of fixtures and more that come with mouth-watering odds. 

Others include the Serie A, Ligue 1, and Bundesliga amongst others where you can easily know the favorites to wager on.

Meanwhile, you should know that there is always room for upsets in predictions, regardless of the quality of the team you wager on and the quality of the opposition that they are facing. 

We’ve seen many upsets in the round leather game in league football and also in international competitions. How many of us recall how Saudi Arabia beat Argentina in Qatar 2022? 

Regardless, do well to leverage our football predictions today, as they will enhance your chances of getting more wins and smashing the bookies more often than not.

Final Words

In light of all that has been discussed on this page, selecting us as your football prediction website of choice will do you a great deal of good because we are on track to become one of the best football prediction sites in the world.

Take advantage of the services that this red-hot prediction site has to offer while you take pleasure in our football predictions today.