Can A Goalie Score In Soccer?

“Yes, goalies can score in football. It’s rare but it happens. Usually, it’s from a long kick or a punt. Famous goalie goals include Rogerio Ceni and Jose Luis Chilavert. In 2013, Asmir Begovic scored for Stoke City just 13 seconds into a match against Southampton.”

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In What Situations Might A Goalkeeper Score In Soccer?

Goalkeepers in soccer may score in rare situations like during a penalty kick, when they move forward for a corner kick, or when they take a free kick near the opponent’s goal.

During a penalty kick, if the goalkeeper manages to stop the ball and gain possession, they can attempt a quick counter-attack and score while the opposing team’s goalkeeper is out of position.

Another scenario is during a corner kick when the opposing team’s goalkeeper moves forward to help their teammates attack the ball.

If the defending team gains control and launches a fast counter-attack, the goalkeeper may seize the opportunity to kick the ball into the empty net. Moreover, In rare instances, goalkeepers can take free kicks near the opponent’s goal.

If the team’s free-kick taker is injured or unavailable, the goalkeeper, known for their strong kicking abilities, could step up to take the kick.

So, If the goalkeeper’s kick is accurate and powerful enough to bypass the defensive wall and goalkeeper, they could score directly from the free kick.

Also, during the dying moments of a match when a team is trailing by a goal and desperately pushing for an equalizer, the goalkeeper can join the attack for set-piece situations such as corner kicks.

In such cases, if the ball is cleared by the opposition and falls favorably to the goalkeeper, they may attempt a long-range shot to salvage a point for their team.

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Can A Goalkeeper Score Directly From A Goal Kick?

Yes, a goalkeeper can score directly from a goal kick. This happens when the ball is kicked from the ground by the goalkeeper from anywhere inside the penalty area and goes directly into the opponent’s goal without being touched by any other player.

It’s a rare occurrence but not impossible. In fact, there have been instances where goalkeepers have successfully scored goals from their goal kicks in professional matches.

One notable example is Asmir Begović, a goalkeeper who scored for Stoke City against Southampton in the English Premier League in November 2013.

Begović’s long kick caught the wind and bounced over the opposing goalkeeper’s head into the net just 13 seconds after the game began.

This extraordinary goal showed the potential for goalkeepers to score directly from goal kicks. Another instance is that of Tom King, a Newport County goalkeeper who scored from his goal kick in January 2021.

King’s goal against Cheltenham Town in a League Two match was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the longest goal ever scored in football, with the ball traveling an incredible distance of 96.01 meters (or 105 yards) from the kick before bouncing over the opposing goalkeeper and into the net.

Can A Goalkeeper Score From A Kick Out Of His Hands?

Yes, a goalkeeper can score from a kick out of their hands. It’s all about legality and the rules of the game.

As long as the ball is played legally, and the play isn’t specifically listed as an indirect play, like a throw-in or an indirect free kick, then a goal may be scored directly.

So, if the goalkeeper kicks the ball out of their hands and it goes into the opponent’s goal without anyone else touching it, it counts as a goal.

Talking about the rules that govern this. In football, it’s permitted for a goalkeeper to handle the ball in their penalty area. They can use their hands to stop the ball, pick it up, or kick it out.

However, if the goalkeeper decides to kick the ball out of their hands and crosses the goal line of the opposing team’s goal without anyone else touching it, it counts as a goal.

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Can A Goalkeeper Score A Goal By Throwing The Ball?

In association football, a goalkeeper can not score a goal by throwing the ball into the other team’s net according to the Laws of the Game.

This rule was established in the 2019 edition of the Laws of the Game and remains in effect today. Before 2019, there was a time when goalkeepers could score by throwing the ball directly into the opposing team’s net.

However, this rule was changed to maintain fairness and balance in the game. The decision to deny goalkeepers from scoring in this manner was likely influenced by different factors.

One reason could be to prevent goalkeepers from exploiting loopholes in the rules to gain an unfair advantage. Allowing goalkeepers to score by throwing the ball could potentially lead to strategic gameplay focused solely on exploiting this rule, rather than playing the game as intended.

Also, permitting goalkeepers to score in this manner may have been seen as inconsistent with the fundamental principles of the game.

Football is a sport that values skill, teamwork, and fair play. Letting a goalkeeper score by throwing the ball could undermine these principles and detract from the overall integrity of the game.

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Which Goalkeeper Has The Most Goals In Soccer History?

Here are goalies who have recorded at least 42 goals In football history:

1. Rogério Ceni – 129 Goals

rogeno ceni

Rogério Ceni holds the record for the most goals scored by a goalkeeper in soccer history, with 129 goals to his name. His great achievement includes scoring his 100th goal during a 3–0 victory for São Paulo on August 4, 2011.

Throughout his illustrious 25-year career, spanning 1209 official club matches with Sinop and São Paulo. He amassed a total of 1237 appearances for São Paulo alone, making him the player with the most matches for the club.

Also, Ceni won 20 major titles, including three Brazilian Leagues, two Copa Libertadores, and the 2005 FIFA Club World Cup. Most of his goals were from free kicks and penalties, with only one scored from open play.

In addition to his club success, Ceni represented Brazil 17 times, contributing to the squad’s victories in the 2002 FIFA World Cup and the 1997 FIFA Confederations Cup. He also participated in the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

2. José Luis Chilavert – 67 Goals

jose luise chilavert

José Luis Chilavert, a Paraguayan goalkeeper scored a total of 67 goals during his professional career, making him the second-highest scoring goalkeeper of all time.

Chilavert’s scoring skills weren’t limited to domestic games; he netted eight goals in international matches. He is only the second goalkeeper ever to achieve a hat-trick. Chilavert’s also won numerous accolades, including the IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper award three times.

His skill set was diverse; he was known for his agility in stopping shots and proficiency in taking penalties and free kicks. José’s impact on the field was recognized with inclusion in the 1998 FIFA World Cup Team of the Tournament.

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3. Johnny Martín Vegas – 45 Goals

johnny martin

Johnny Martín Vegas Fernández is the third-highest-scoring goalkeeper in soccer history. Throughout his career, he scored a total of 45 goals in all competitions.

This impressive tally includes 30 goals from penalty kicks and nine from outfield play. Vegas Fernández’s ability to score goals, even from the goalkeeper position, is noteworthy and has earned him recognition in the game.

​4. René Higuita – 43 Goals

rene higuita

René Higuita is one of the goalies with the most goals in soccer history. He scored 43 goals during his career, putting him fourth among goal-scoring goalkeepers.

Higuita was good at penalties, scoring 35, and also scored 7 goals from free kicks. He was known for his unique style, often taking risks and coming out of his goal to help his team.

He played for many clubs and in different competitions, scoring goals in Colombia, Mexico, and international matches. Even though he was a goalkeeper, he was a good free-kick and penalty-taker.

Higuita is also known for inventing the scorpion kick, a move where the player kicks the ball with their heels while jumping. His scorpion kick against England in 1995 was memorable and gained a lot of attention.

Ranked as the 8th best goalkeeper in South American history, Higuita’s impact on soccer goes beyond just goalkeeping.

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5. Dimitar Ivankov – 42 Goals

dinitar ivankov

Dimitar Ivankov, a Bulgarian footballer, was a goalkeeper but also known for scoring goals, especially penalties. He’s ranked fifth globally and number one in Europe for goal-scoring goalkeepers, with 42 goals.

Dimitar started with Levski Sofia and won titles there, before moving to Turkey to play for Kayserispor and Bursaspor, where he stood out for his goalkeeping skills and scoring prowess.

In 2008, Ivankov played a crucial role in Kayserispor’s Turkish Cup victory, saving penalties and scoring two himself.

His international career with Bulgaria saw him earn 64 caps, though he missed Euro 2004. Then he retired in 2010 after a friendly against Poland.

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