Your Child’s Tutor- Pixel Art Maker Game

Do you remember your childhood? Coloring sketches printed on coloring books was a fun activity. Our parents used to encourage us to color and draw.

However, things have changed significantly these days. Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, and advanced PCs have replaced books of various kinds.

Modern-day children often use smartphones, watch anime, and play random games. Most of the activities that do on these devices could be more productive. Such activities only increase their daily screen time, which can harm their overall well-being.

So what should be done to help children learn something productive that is not only engaging but helpful for their future studies and enhancement of cognitive skills? 

Most parents would have no answer to the abovementioned question because they don’t know how to mettle this issue. They often find their children playing car racing games or ones that encourage violence.

Parents must take proactive steps to ensure their children’s screen time proves productive. They can encourage them to play games that help them learn new things, like coloring and drawing. 

One highly valuable coloring games app is available on Play Store for children named “Pixel Art Maker: Art Games” by CA Publishing. 

In this article, we will review this app and help you learn how it can teach your children to color by numbers and make drawings. Further details about this highly engaging app for children are given below:

Friendly Interface

This Pixel Art Maker app is designed and developed to engage users of all ages. Hence, users belonging to various ages can use it without any hustle.

The main reason behind the ease of use and optimum user experience (UX) it offers is its super-friendly user interface (UI). Various attractive, high-quality graphic designs make it an exciting app for children and parents alike. A friendly interface allows parents and children to spend quality time together while coloring various sketches.

Highly Engaging

The Pixel Art Maker app comes equipped with a wide range of artwork and catchy designs, making it highly engaging for children and adults and never letting them lose interest in coloring games. This app is free of any complexities. The coloring games offered by this app are simple.

There is no need to color sketches or drawings like conventional coloring books. You don’t need a virtual coloring pencil for that purpose. Simply follow the color by numbers pattern, choose the color with the appropriate number, and fill the given section with it by zooming in on specific sections. 

Coloring Sketches for Various Users

It is worth mentioning that this app is not developed considering children only. It is also an entertaining app for adults and elders. The proof of its ability to engage people belonging to various demographics is the collection of sketches and illustrations offered for coloring games by this app.

You will find sketches and illustrations suitable for children and adults alike. Hence, regardless of your age, the chances of you getting fed up with this app are pretty minimal. 

A Perfect Coloring Tutor for Children

It is pretty difficult for parents to engage their children in learning activities, especially ones that can help them in curricular and co-curricular activities.

However, this app is a perfect solution to engage your children in fun coloring games. Toddlers, kindergarten-goers, and primary school learners will benefit a lot from this app. It will serve as a tutor for them that will help them learn color by number activity. Moreover, this app’s various coloring games will help them learn the names of various colors. 

Simple Pixel Art Coloring Games

This app is built around the concept of pixel art coloring games which makes it easier for everyone to play various levels of this game. The activity is pretty simple; you have to choose a design, sketch, or illustration.

Once the drawing is displayed on your smartphone’s screen, you can easily zoom in to determine the number written in a particular pixel of the drawing and fill it with the respective color. Repeat the whole process until you completely color the entire sketch or illustration.

Multiple Difficulty Levels

Another great thing about this highly engaging and fun coloring games app is its ability to offer sketches and illustrations of various difficulties. For instance, in the beginning, users will get to color sketches that only include a few colors and simple number patterns.

However, as the game progresses, players will start coming across difficult coloring sketches with more colors and complex color by numbers patterns. These difficulty levels will make the app more engaging for all ages, including children and adults.  

In the End

Teaching children how to color is not difficult anymore as the “Pixel Art Maker: Art Games” app by CA Publishing is here to rescue parents. This app offers highly engaging coloring games to keep your children engaged and help them learn highly productive stuff.

Hence, it will work like a tutor for your child. We have discussed a few standout specialties of this app in this article. The aforementioned details will help you recognize the importance of this app for your children as a coloring tutor. 

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