Mikel Arteta – An untested Rookie in charge at Arsenal

Recent outbursts from Arsenal faithfuls have proven to be enough evidence that a rookie taking the hefty job of Arsenal shouldn’t have been the case.

Before he was hired, the Spaniard had no prior managerial experience whatsoever. It’s a case of a protégé carted from the bosom of a proven manager who’s been in the business for over a decade. 

The Gooners have played two EPL fixtures in this campaign without a victory or goal, the first defeat came as a surprise from Brentford that played their last EPL game in 1947(74 years) ago against the same arsenal. 

The game against Chelsea was a case of two rivals, it did not come as a surprise, the gunners defeated the Blue side of London twice last season before the latter went ahead to be European Champions later in the season. 

The bragging right isn’t farfetched because they’ve been enjoying the sugar daddy for over a decades. The same cannot be said about badly financed and managed Arsenal. 

Some football experts believe that last season’s campaign should have been enough evidence to checkmate Mikel Arteta’s managerial prowess. A rookie given a big job from all indications is a no-brainer.

Sadly, it’s an eyesore to see how Arsenal have fallen in recent years. 

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 Entrusting the future of the club at this most critical moment to a glorified assistant coach should be a thing of worry. Unfortunately, the results haven’t been proven otherwise. 

Tomorrow, Arsenal would face a relegated West Bromwich Albion side at the Hawthorns stadium for their EFL round two single-leg tie. A defeat from the Baggies would further exacerbate the woes of the Spaniard. 

Arsenal would face a tough League Cup encounter against in-form Championship side West Brom on Wednesday 25th August and then face Premier League champions Manchester City away on Saturday. 

It’s evident that it is a hectic season for Mikel and now is the time for him to prove his mettle. Anything other than a positive result could further sink him and probably push him to the edge of his dismissal. 

From the higher up

Lots of talks have been trooping in from different quarters, an unbridled and concerning assessment last week from the President of Rwanda which is an official sponsor of Arsenal 

“We just must NOT excuse or Accept mediocrity,” Paul Kagame tweeted 

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Former striker Ian Wright was critical of Arsenal’s latest display against Chelsea; It’s Arsenal’s 20th Premier League defeat in 60 matches Arteta has taken charge of.

“When you looked at the way that Chelsea played us and the way (Romelu) Lukaku played, either they (the Arsenal players) are not prepared, they are not listening, or they can’t perform what he (Arteta) wants them to do,” he said on BBC’s Match of the Day.

“I don’t know what the tactics were. For me, it was quite frightening.”

Sol Campbell, who won two Premier League titles and two FA Cups under Wenger, says Arteta is probably safe for the moment because the club spent so much time and energy on getting him.

It’s a dire moment for Arteta and it’s now a question of whether he’s capable of diving through this murky water of a job or declared unfit in the end.