What Is A Hat Trick In Soccer?

Football icons such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Brazilian Ronaldo, Pele, and Ronaldinho are one of the most notable attackers that have scored several hat tricks in football.

To football enthusiasts, the term “hat trick” may already be familiar to them as they may have heard few persons use them frequently. However, this is not the same for people who are starting out in football and have no idea of some of the football terminologies.

Here, I will be revealing to you some of the hat tricks in soccer as well as some notable hat tricks in the world of soccer.


What Is A Hat Trick In Soccer?

A hat trick is basically said to be completed whenever a player has scored three goals in a particular game. Whenever a player has scored two goals (called a brace or double) in soccer, the player is said to be “hat tricking”. Which simply means that the player is en route to scoring a hat trick.

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The phrase has various words there are known in other football leagues. A hat trick in the Italian league or Italian football is called a “tripletta”. Meanwhile, in the French league, including the French Ligue One, there are called “triplé”.


What Is A Perfect Hat Trick?

A perfect hat trick is the rarest form of a hat trick and the reason for this is simply due to its requirements. A perfect hat trick is a hat trick that is scored with all parts of the body, as far as they are allowed in football. It is basically a hat trick scored with the head, left foot, and right foot.

However, German football also requires that for a hat trick to be deemed “perfect”, it must be scored sequentially. That is, no goals must be scored in between.

And some of football’s most notable perfect hat tricks scorers according to the German league standard are Robert Lewandoski, Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Haaland, and Olivier Giroud.


History Of Hat Trick In Soccer?

The phrase “hat trick” has a very long history in football.

Long before notable football legends such as Brazil’s Pele, Portugal’s Eusebio, Argentina’s Diego Maradona, Rivaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and other players began scoring triple goals in a single game, there have been some older players who scored three goals in a single game (although there have not been recorded).

Goals scored by these players were still known as hat tricks. And the name “hat trick” like most other aspects of football, including the pitch, was borrowed from cricket.


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, as well as one of the oldest. So, it is no surprise that football has a lot of similarities with it.

In the year 1858, a pitcher known as Heathfield Harman (HH) Stephenson became the first player to take the bat with three consecutive serves. And in recognition of his notable accomplishments, Heathfield Harman (HH) Stephenson was given a hat. Which of course is quite similar to the match ball all football players

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Notable Hat Trick Scorers In Soccer

Since the 1800s when hat trick became a term in football, some remarkable players have been able to achieve this feat. Here are a few notable hat trick scorers in soccer.

  • Lionel Messi
  • Pele
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Sadio Mane
  • Mohammed Salah
  • Robert Lewandoski
  • Luis Suarez
  • Erling Haaland
  • Kylian Mbappe
  • Olivier Giroud

And a lot of others

Other Known Word Or Phrases In Soccer And Their Meaning

Aside from “hat tricks”, there are few other notable words and phrases in soccer. Here are a few of these words, as well as their meaning


  • Haul four goals in a game
  • Glut five goals in a game
  • Brace Two goals in a game
  • Foul a breach of the game rules
  • Panenka a style of penalty named after football icon, Panenka
  • UCL UEFA Champions league

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Score A Hat Trick?

Players playing any position on the football pitch can score a hat trick if the opportunity presents itself. This includes strikers, midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers (although it is a no-brainer that it is very hard for GKs to even score goals).

However, it is very easy to see strikers and midfielder scoring hat tricks as there are more engaged in the team’s attacks.


Are 2 Goals A Hat Trick?

No, two goals are not a hat trick. Two goals in a single game are known as a double or a brace.

What Are 3 Goals Scored?

Three goals scored in a particular game is known as a hat trick.

Is There A Difference Between A Haul And A Hat Trick?

Yes, there is a difference between a hat trick and a haul. While a hat trick is basically three goals scored in a single game, a haul means scoring four goals in a single game.


Can Two Players Score A Hat Trick In A Single Game?

Yes, two players can score a hat trick in a single game. The most recent fixture where two different players bagged a hat trick each is the Manchester City vs Manchester United clash in the English Premier League, arguably the most competitive soccer league in the world. 

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Phil Foden and Erling Haaland both scored a hat trick, with the final match score ending 6-2 in favor of Manchester City.


Does Scoring A Hat Trick Make You A Man Of The Match?

No, scoring a hat trick does not automatically make you the man of the match.

The criteria for choosing a man of the match is very different and is not automatically decided when one scores a hat trick. However, a hat trick could help you to win a MOTM award, especially if the goals ensured that your side came out tops in a must-win encounter.

Does An Hat Trick Need To Be Scored In A Particular Sequence?

No, a hat trick does not really need to be scored in a particular sequence. However, German football also requires that for a hat trick to be termed “perfect”, it must be scored sequentially and also, must be scored with the head, right foot, and left foot.


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