Zombie Battle Tycoon Script

Zombie Battle Tycoon is a recently introduced tycoon game on Roblox that involves constructing a formidable cache of arms with the assistance of your reliable team of researchers.

These scientists are responsible for generating income which can then be employed to enhance your weapons and headquarters.

To safeguard against zombie assaults, players of this game must rapidly make choices about how to allocate resources, what upgrades to buy, and where to position their survivors.


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If you’re searching for a functional Zombie Battle Tycoon Script, then you’ve landed on the correct website. Our website offers a free download of this script, which provides you with several functions that enable you to finish your tycoon and eliminate all opposing players with ease. With just a single click, you can gain an advantage over your enemies.

Zombie Battle Tycoon Script

Auto Build & Hit Box


loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ToraIsMe2/ToraIsMe2/main/0zombiebattle", true))()


local LP = game:GetService('Players').LocalPlayer
local GP = LP.Gamepasses
GP['Future Pack'].Value = true
GP['Grenade Launcher'].Value = true
GP['Frozen Upgrader'].Value = true
GP['Auto Collect'].Value = true
GP['Tycoon Color'].Value = true
GP['2x Cash'].Value = true
GP['Galaxy Dropper'].Value = true
GP['Speed Boost'].Value = true
GP['2x XP'].Value = true
GP.VIP.Value = true
GP['Golden Dropper'].Value = true

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How to use the Zombie Battle Tycoon Script

  • Download or update a script executor program.
  • Launch the game and keep it running in the background.
  • Copy the script code and paste it into the executor program.
  • Use the injector to execute the script.
  • Return to the game and enjoy the benefits of the script.


The Zombie Battle Tycoon is a new tycoon game on Roblox where players must build their arsenal and defend against zombie attacks. A free script is available on our website that offers features like auto-build tycoon, player esp, claim gifts, infinite yield, and hitbox esp.


To use the script, players need to download or update a script executor program, launch the game and keep it running, copy and paste the script code into the executor program, use the injector to execute the script, and then enjoy the benefits of the script.

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