Where To Find Smuggling Tunnels In Warzone DMZ

Follow This guide to find the Smuggling Tunnels location in Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ.

Almost every gamer on Warzone 2.0’s DMZ enjoys the faction missions. In the faction missions, there are many quests you can do to receive amazing rewards and get access to other locations.

About The Smuggling Tunnels In Warzone DMZ

The smuggling tunnels are a mission on their own. It’s under the tier 2 mission in the game under the White Lotus faction.

The mission requires the players to find the “Old tunnel complex which has been very good in smuggling of goods and storing of contraband goods.” When you get to this location, you will need tactical cameras used to gather intel on all nooks and crannies of the shrouded location.

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Although, without a guide like this, you might be at this location without seeing the tunnel because it’s hidden. But be informed that the smuggling tunnel it’s here and you should find it.

Where to find Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ

You will see the smuggling tunnels underground of the Stronghold with the map coordinates ‘E3.’ You must have gotten the Stronghold Keycard before you can enter it.

When you get into the Stronghold, go to the back of the building on the south side of it. See the ladder placed there and use it to climb down into the Smuggling Tunnel.

While climbing down the tunnels, be ready for massive actions here as Artificial Intelligence soldiers will spawn to attack you. After dealing massively with the enemies and having your way. You can go ahead to finish the next part of the Smuggling Tunnels mission.

Now, identify the entrance to the Smuggling Tunnels and set tactical cameras at the two entrances. You can easily identify the entrances since they’re marked and also feature some well-seen graffiti.

After you have carried out the task, loot the tunnels to the end to get impressive rewards. After that, you’re ready to move to Al Mazrah to finish the Smuggling Tunnels missions in Warzones DMZ.

Final Thoughts

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