What Is A Breakaway In Basketball?

Every sport has terms that fans of it must get accustomed to or be conversant with and Basketball is not an exception. Therefore, in this article, we will be explaining the concept of the breakaway, what it means, and what it entails.

What Is A Breakaway In Basketball?

In Basketball, the term breakaway can also be referred to as a quick break. It occurs when a player gets possession of the ball while their team is on defense and then swiftly goes past the players on the other team in order to take a shot.


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How To Start A Breakaway

When a defensive player takes possession of the ball—typically through a steal or as the result of a turnover, the breakaway process must be quick to enhance the success rate of the move.

The fast break needs to happen very quickly so that the offense can be able to move the ball down the court as quickly as possible before the defense is able to catch up. 


The player who has the ball must either immediately begin dribbling in the direction of the opponent’s basket or pass the ball on to a teammate who is located further down the court and near the opposition net. 

Remember that it is a team game. Therefore, once a breakaway begins, other players who are not in possession of the ball must be aware and take up positions in the court to ensure that the move ends successfully and is not hampered.

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How To Finish A Breakaway

This depends on how the offensive team decides to handle the situation. Regardless, a fast break could involve one or more players from the offensive unit. If one player manages to steal the ball from another, they have the option of either playing it themselves or passing it on to another player. 

It is a no-brainer that a significant number of basketball players opt for the easier option when presented with a breakaway opportunity.

Many players would embrace a layup. A layup is can be described as a shot close to the basket, and usually off the backboard. The player has to run towards one side of the basket, jump and lay the ball off the backboard into the hoop.


However, at the professional level, a breakaway would usually end in an alley-oop or a dunk. Regardless, just two points would be awarded at the end, if the move is successful.

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How To Avoid A Breakaway

There is a possibility that not all players would move quickly with the ball during a breakaway as some may choose to slow the game. This move mostly ends up frustrating the fans as they expect to enjoy the high adrenaline moment. T


The same could apply in a soccer game when a player decides to slow the game instead of running towards the opposition half with the ball when there is a chance for a counterattack. Meanwhile, a basketball team that has short and slow players won’t enjoy many successes with a breakaway. 

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Regardless, teams must keep an eye on their opponents and be aware of the path they would take if an opportunity for a breakaway arises and block it. This will enhance their chances of winning.


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