Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough (Full Guide)

Are you stuck on the classic adventure game “The Treasure of Nadia”? This blog post will provide a complete walkthrough to help locate the hidden treasures and save the day.

You’ll be able to find all of the necessary items, solve all of the puzzles, and complete the game in no time! Get ready for a thrilling journey through a mysterious world full of surprises.

The first part of the game involves finding three keys that will unlock the door to the temple. The first key is in the shed, the second is in the chest, and the third is hidden inside the statue in the garden.


Afterward, you’ll need to locate pieces of a map that reveal the secret entrance to the temple. Once inside, you’ll have to navigate through various obstacles and puzzles to collect hidden treasures. Finally, you’ll have to face off against the evil spirit and save Nadia from her captors.

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Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough Overview

With the help of this walkthrough, you’ll be able to find all of the treasures and save the day! Embark on an adventure of a lifetime with the Treasure of Nadia!

This classic adventure game will take you to the mysterious island of Nadia and challenge you to find the lost treasure. The game has a beautiful hand-drawn art style and various puzzles to solve to progress.

You will need to explore each area of the island and fight off enemies and creatures that stand in your way. You will also need to find and use items to access certain areas of the game and solve puzzles.


Customize your character by selecting different clothes and accessories to give your character a unique look. There are also mini-games available throughout the game to help you progress, which can be accessed from the main menu. The game has multiple endings depending on the decisions you make throughout the game.

The Rules

The game can be played anywhere and in any environment as long as both players can move freely. When the game begins, the Hider hides a treasure somewhere in the room while the Seeker is not looking. The Seeker then has to search the room to find the Treasure.

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When playing Nadia’s Treasure, it is important to remember that the Hider must keep their hiding spot secret. The Hider cannot give any hints to the Seeker and must remain silent throughout the game. The Seeker can ask questions but must ultimately rely on their intuition and ability to find the hidden Treasure.

The Seeker should stay in the room or area they are searching, which could lead to an unfair advantage.

Finally, both players should agree on a set time before beginning the game. This can help ensure that the game remains fair and that both players can find the hidden Treasure.


Setting Up the Game

Before you can start playing the game, you will need to set it up. The Treasure of Nadia consists of a board, a deck of cards, and a set of coins.

The board is divided into four sections representing the four islands that make up the game: Fire Island, Water Island, Earth Island, and Air Island.

First, separate the board into these four sections to begin setting up the game.


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Once everyone has taken their turn, you’re ready to start playing! Remember that each player can move their piece around within their island but cannot leave it. The game’s goal is to collect all the coins on the board before other players. Good luck!

Playing the Game

The main objective of Nadia’s Treasure is to find the treasure chest. To do this, you will need to solve a series of puzzles. There are six puzzles in total, each with its unique challenge.


Puzzle 1 The Maze: You will start with the maze. You must navigate the maze and make your way to the center. You can use your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your character.

Puzzle 2The Block Puzzle: The second puzzle is a block puzzle. You will need to move the pieces around until they form a square. Be careful – you only have three moves to complete this task!

Puzzle 3 The Memory Puzzle: The memory puzzle is a game of memorization. You will need to remember the symbols and then match them up in the correct order. Again, be careful – you only have three chances to get it right!


Puzzle 4 The Pattern Puzzle: This puzzle requires you to figure out a hidden pattern. Look closely at the shapes and colors and figure out what they mean.

Puzzle 5The Tower Puzzle: This puzzle is a logic puzzle. You will need to build a tower using the pieces given to you. Each piece must fit perfectly for the tower to be successful.

Puzzle 6 The Password Puzzle: The final puzzle requires a secret password. Use the clues and your best guesswork to determine the correct password.


Once you have completed all six puzzles, you can open the treasure chest and claim your prize! Good luck!

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Once all of the Treasure has been collected, the game is over. Players can opt to have a winner based on who collected the most Treasure or end the game without a declared winner.


The most important thing to remember is that the game should be fun for everyone involved. All players should be encouraged to work together and respect each other’s decisions and strategies.

When the game is finished, players should take the time to reflect on their experiences and what they’ve learned. They can also talk about how they found the Treasure, how they could have done it better, and even how they could use what they learned to find more Treasure in future games.


No matter how the game ends, players should always remember to thank each other for playing and to share any extra items they may have found along the way.


The Treasure of Nadia is a great game that encourages teamwork and encourages creative thinking. It’s a game that everyone can enjoy!

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