The 7 Best NHL Video Games of All Time

Hockey fans and gamers alike have long enjoyed the thrill of stepping onto the virtual ice and experiencing the excitement of NHL video games. The NHL video game series has come a long way since its humble beginnings, evolving into an essential part of hockey culture and gaming history and — obviously — featuring the best Colorado Avalanche players.

From pixelated pixels to stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, from the unforgettable charm of NHL ’94 to the technical prowess of NHL 22, NHL video games have come a long way since their inception. Each entry has, without a doubt, contributed to the series’ enduring popularity.

As technology advances, we can only imagine what future NHL video games will bring to the virtual ice, allowing us to immerse ourselves even deeper into the exhilarating world of hockey. In this article, we’ll take a nostalgic journey through the past and present, exploring the seven best NHL video games of all time.

1. NHL ’94

The granddaddy of all NHL video games, NHL ’94, was released by EA Sports in 1993. It is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and beloved titles in the franchise’s history. Its simple controls, fast-paced gameplay, and unforgettable features like “one-timers” and “in-game injuries” set the standard for all future NHL games. NHL ’94’s legacy still lives on today, with many fans choosing to play this classic gem over modern iterations.

2. NHL 2004

EA Sports hit another home run with NHL 2004, considered by many to be the pinnacle of the series. This game introduced the revolutionary “Dynasty Mode,” allowing players to experience the thrill of managing an NHL team over multiple seasons.

The realistic player animations and improved AI made gameplay more immersive than ever before. NHL 2004 also showcased a powerful soundtrack, featuring tracks from bands like Good Charlotte and Yellowcard, making it an unforgettable experience both on and off the ice.

3. NHL 09

NHL 09 stands as a landmark title in the series for its innovative “Be A Pro” mode. This mode enabled gamers to create and control their virtual player, rising through the ranks from the junior leagues to the NHL stardom.

Besides, the addition of the “Skill Stick” control system provided players with greater control over their movements, making the gameplay more fluid and authentic. NHL 09 remains a fan favorite, with its engaging career mode and impressive gameplay mechanics.

4. NHL 14

NHL 14 is celebrated for its impeccable gameplay mechanics, polished graphics, and deep roster of features. The introduction of “NHL 94 Anniversary Mode” was a nostalgic nod to the game’s roots, combining classic gameplay with modern visuals.

Additionally, the game’s physics engine enhanced the realism of player collisions and puck movements, adding to the overall immersion. NHL 14 delivered one of the most complete and satisfying experiences for hockey fans across the gaming community.

5. NHL 18

NHL 18 marks a significant turning point in the franchise, introducing the “Threes Mode,” which focused on fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay with a 3-on-3 format.

This mode provided a refreshing change from the simulation-heavy gameplay of previous titles, appealing to a broader audience. NHL 18 also showcased revamped graphics and improved player likenesses, bringing the NHL experience closer to real life than ever before.

6. NHL 20

NHL 20 took the gaming community by storm with its attention to detail and enhanced customization options. The “CHEL” mode allowed players to create their unique hockey player and compete online against others, providing endless hours of competitive fun.

The addition of the “Eliminator” mode, a battle royale-style tournament, further diversified the game’s offerings, attracting both hockey enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

7. NHL 22

As we look into the more recent entries, NHL 22 stands out for its groundbreaking technology and realism. The game’s introduction of ray tracing technology significantly enhanced graphics and lighting effects, resulting in a visually stunning experience.

Combined with improvements to player movements and AI, NHL 22 offers unparalleled immersion, making it a must-play for fans of the franchise.


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