Tales Of Arise Best Mods

Are you seeking the best mods to enhance your gaming experience with Tales of Arise? Look no further! This blog post will discuss the best mods available for the popular RPG game Tales of Arise.

From graphical upgrades to improved game mechanics, each mod can be used to customize your experience and make your gameplay even more enjoyable. We’ll share some of the top mods you should check out if you’re looking to get the most out of Tales of Arise.

Best Tales of Arise Mods

If you’re a game fan, check out these mods and see what it can do for you.

1. Arte Canceller Mod

This mod allows players to cancel their Arte attacks at any time, allowing them to adjust their strategies on the fly. It also reduces the delay time between Arte attacks, allowing players to chain powerful and flashy combos quickly. And it increases the damage dealt by Arte attacks, making it easier to take down enemies.

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The Arte Canceller Mod makes combat more dynamic and exciting, and it’s also straightforward to install. It requires no additional hardware or software so that players can customize their combat experience without the hassle.

2. Playstation Button Prompts

Playstation Button Prompts make navigating the game’s menus and functions much easier and quicker. It also allows players to quickly access their inventory, save the game, and more without navigating the game’s menus. This provides a streamlined gaming experience, allowing players to focus more on playing the game.

3. Sao Weapon Pack

The mod allows players to equip their characters with weapons from the popular Sword Art Online anime, with various swords, daggers, and even guns included. The weapons are also fully customizable, allowing you to change the colors and designs of the weapons to match your character.


The mod also adds a new weapon type, the ‘Sao Burst,’ which deals additional damage when activated. The guns are also balanced to fit the game, so you won’t be overpowered when using them.

The mod also adds new animations for the weapons, making them look even more impressive in battle. It also adds new effects for some guns, giving them an added punch in combat. The mod is also easy to install and use. It is an excellent choice for players who customize their character’s weapons.

4. Standalone Hair Color and Eyes Pack

The Standalone Hair Color and Eyes Pack mod for Tales of Arise is the perfect way to give your character a unique look.


The mod replaces the default hair and eye colors with more realistic-looking hues and shades, allowing you to customize your character’s appearance with various colors, from natural browns and blacks to vibrant blues and pinks. This mod is incredibly detailed and will make your character stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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The mod also offers a variety of customization options for different skin tones, eye colors, and hair colors. Whether you want to create a natural look or something more vibrant and expressive, this mod offers something. Plus, it’s compatible with the latest version of Tales of Arise, making it easy to install and use.


5. Simply Fov Options

The FOV mod allows players to choose from various view settings, including standard, wide, narrow, and ultra-wide. This will enable players to adjust the FOV to match their preferences and playing style, even during the game.

With the FOV mod, players can also zoom in and out of the action, allowing them to get a better view of the game. This lets players take advantage of the environment, allowing them to be more strategic in their play.

The FOV mod for Tales of Arise is an excellent addition to the game, allowing players to customize their in-game experience. With the FOV mod, players of all levels and preferences can enjoy Tales of Arise.


6. Increase Overall Quality

This mod allows players to make their characters more potent and faster, giving them the tools they need to survive the dangers of Arise better.

The visuals of characters can also be improved with mods. This can make them look more realistic and better represent the world of Arise. Additionally, the level cap of characters can be increased to become even more powerful.

Finally, new and exciting features and content can be added to the game with mods. This can include new areas to explore and different enemies to fight. With these mods, Tales of Arise will become even more engaging and enjoyable for players.


7. Arise-sdk

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, developers of all skill levels can quickly and easily create custom 3D experiences. Arise-SDK also features a rich library of ready-made assets, from realistic environments to characters and props, that allows developers to quickly and easily create their projects.

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8. Tweaks of Arise

Another great mod is the improved graphics. Arise now looks more detailed and realistic, making it even more enjoyable to explore new environments.


The user interface is also improved, making it more user-friendly and intuitive. This makes it easier to navigate the game and find what you are looking for.

Tales of Arise has some great new mods that make it even more enjoyable. The game will surely provide hours of entertainment with improved lighting, sound effects, AI, graphics, and user interface.

9. Shionne Zero Suit Samus Cosplay Alternative Colors

This mod introduces a new set of colors for Shionne’s Zero Suit Samus cosplay. This mod includes a variety of colors, such as pink, blue, green, and more.


This mod will surely please any fan of the Tales of Arise game, as it adds a unique and vibrant look to the character’s costume. Not only does this mod provide a new look to the surface, but it also adds a special touch to the game’s aesthetic.

10. Izuku Midoriya’s Outfit For Law Adds MHA Into The Mix

One of the best mods for it is Izuku Midoriya’s Outfit for Law. It adds a unique twist to the game by blending in some of the most beloved characters from the popular anime My Hero Academia.

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This mod swaps out the character’s original outfit with a costume based on the main protagonist Izuku Midoriya, which features his signature red and blue colors, a bright green cape, and a shirt with a lightning bolt pattern. This mod is popular among fans of both the game and the anime, as it adds a unique and fun touch to the game.


The best mods for Tales of Arise are those that give players the most freedom to customize their gaming experience. These include customization of the game’s difficulty, game balance, graphics, and more.

The best mods also allow players to customize the game’s story and characters, as well as provide players access to new levels and challenges. With the right mods, players can make the game their own and create a unique, enjoyable experience.


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