Taffy Tales Reworked Code

In Taffy Tales, you play the role of a youngster with some personality disorder. And you will develop to learn the ominous part of the inhabitants of your town.

The Taffy Tales Reworked Code is developed around the nuanced affairs between the characters. The relationship of these characters does grow steadily and will seem to stay clean even as it has a strong sensual theme.

About the Game and Taffy Tales Cheat Code

Codes in Taffy Tales is not an easy-to-play game. It is very challenging and also an important aspect of the game. So, to streamline your gameplay and stop grinding like a beginner. You will need to use the game hacks to achieve this. Cheating is part of games and is something you too should do to make your gaming experience easier.

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Taffy Tales Cheat Code

Here are some Taffy Tales Reworked codes you can try.

  • dilder – Code for Max stats and money
  • ocusar – Code to start right at the new update
  • Tiffany’s box Code – 06310
  • Tiffany’s Computer Password in the game – RedQueen (Password)
  • skndbfei
  • mnxbvw
  • mzbcvw
  • lskdn39d
  • dsfpewor
  • Newest Code – V0.85.1a
  • New Code > adbcbe
  • Max Stas and Money – ozllpw V0.68.2a (case sensitive), qcjvhfli, or arnmcq (this may vary depending on your game version.)
  • Start with New Update – qmsaeg V0.68.2a (case sensitive), gnkdoxbe, or euueiu (this may vary depending on your game version.)

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Max Stats & Money

This code is available to you at the beginning of the game. To use the Max Stats & Money Cheat Code, launch the game. Click on New Game, in the space to edit the MC game (before you can start game playing). Type in the Cheat Code below into it.

Here is the cheat code to Max Stas and Money

  • ozllpw V0.68.2a
  • New Code: adbcbe – V0.85.1a
  • gnkdoxbe
  • qcjvhfli
  • Gnkdoxbe
  • arnmcq
  • euueiu
  • adbcbe
  • adbcbe

Taffy Tales Reworked Code – Save Unlock

Another code in Taffy Tales Reworked code is the Save Unlock Cheat Code. To apply the Save Unlock code, start your game.

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  • Click on Load Game and tap on the Pdlock (Press to Unlock.)
  • Enter the cheat code here.
  • You have to enter the names of MC, Mary & Tiffany.

The cheat code to enter the space there is qmsaeg V0.68.2a (case sensitive), gnkdoxbe, or euueiu (this may vary depending on your game version.)

  • New Code: adbcbe – V0.82.4a
  • More Taffy Tales Reworked Code
  • qcjvhfli Max money and stats: Start a New Game and type in this code here.
  • Gnkdoxbe
  • Qmsaeg Save Unlock: Start at the New Update. Select Load Game. Now click on the first save, and enter this code there.

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Make Money

Maybe you don’t want to cheat in the game and enjoy earning everything by your power. In that case, you can earn money easily. So, you have to progress through the game till you obtain and unlock the special container.

With this special container, you can earn money easily. And minigames will always prompt which you can engage with and earn more money for your game.

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How to Find Items or Locations that you need?

Also, to progress and upgrade your character in the game. There are a lot of items and locations you must get and reach to level up. Some include the Ruler, the School Closet, Tiffany Ball, the rope, the camera, etc. sadly, these locations have no cheats. You can unlock some locations by completing other quests or by reaching other locations.

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