Sports Prediction software as an advanced betting strategy

This is an opinionated write-up about the role of prediction bots in making informed decisions before placing a stake and whether or not they can be relied on

Betting Strategy: Using Software to create Advanced Strategies

While most punters agree that sports betting should be seen as a recreational activity, this assertion did not necessarily imply that they should be willing to part away with their funds at all times. After all, winning in itself is capable of bringing fulfillment to punters.

In order to increase one’s winning chances in soccer and all other types of sports betting, punters and third-party bodies have been on a consistent search for the right formula. This formulas and permutations which have been in existence since the inception of betting have also metamorphosed and taken different shapes throughout the history of mankind.

The continuous search for the best betting tips was what eventually led to the birth of software applications created for the sole purpose of predicting football matches with more precision.


How does Betting Software Work?

Primarily, betting software applications are designed to help punters to make a calculated guess so as to increase their winning chances. The betting options provided by these software apps are based on the previous statistics of the concerned teams.

They are created to store, process and analyze sports data so as to allow the user to make an informed decision. It provides users with the opportunity to compare and evaluate their betting options by considering all the possible outcomes and variables.

For some prediction software apps, you will have to fill in some basic details and wait for the system to generate all the games that match your descriptions for that moment. For others, the system does everything by itself. The statistics provided extends beyond the conventional win, draw or lose.

Other less conspicuous records like “teams with the highest second-half win”, “teams with the most possession in the final half” and many others can be found on sports prediction software apps.

Are prediction bots the best betting strategy for punters?

The central idea behind the creation of bet software is that the outcome of games can be logically predicted if all the variables are carefully considered. As a result, the suggestions offered by prediction apps are a product of logic which is equally useful in the world of betting but not the ultimate decisive factor.

Sports betting especially football do not require rationality alone to win. For instance, most superior teams do stand a better chance at winning when playing against weaker teams.

In all cases, there is no guarantee because all sports games are full of surprises. On many occasions, Barcelona, Real Madrid, the two Manchester Clubs, and many other top teams have been humiliated by supposedly weaker teams.

Regardless of the depth of background work devoted into the modeling of this software applications, they will most likely be unable to properly value other variables like players’ psychological status, the chance of getting a penalty, the effect of a long-distance travel on the player’s ability to fully perform, the condition of the pitch, effects of tactical changes and many other variables that can’t be quantified in numbers.


Your best chance at fully maximizing the data generated from a prediction bot is to combine it with your knowledge of the game. Find more information regarding software-assisted betting strategies:

Finally, the decision to use prediction bot alone or to combine it with your knowledge of the game before placing a stake only increases your chances of winning. Up till today, no strategy has been able to give punters 100% guarantee on winning and none might be able to as long as the sports are played by humans.

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