Servant Leader Destiny 2 – Guide on God Roll; PVP and PVE

All Destiny 2 enthusiasts are all beaming with joy upon hearing about the release of the Season of the Lost and the return to the Dreaming City. Acting as the character; ‘The Witch Queen’, this season is all about liberating Savathun from her worm of god to save Osiris from her tentacles. 

With the season which came along with several features, players will be able to secure new weapons, armor, exotics, and consumables. 

For all game enthusiasts that enjoy Gambit, there’s a new solid, blaster scout rifle you can explore now which is called ‘The Servant Leader. This weapon alone packed more massive features than all other added weapons.

From all the readily available 24 perks, players are left bewildered about the best combinations for PvP and PvE could be. Here, I have dismembered these perks to help you make the rightful choice and dominate with the Servant Leader.

How To Get Servant Leader

To place your hands on this new-impressive weapon, ‘Servant Leader’, you will need to roll in the Gambit. Much more than you have been rolling. 

You can obtain this weapon after you have played numerous times in Gambit as it comes at random drops or you gain it by opening up packages from the Drifter. 

Without the aforementioned options, you can’t obtain the Servant Leader. If repeating the Gambit will be challenging to you, then you can apply the Prosperity Gambit mod to increase the additional rewards that come at the end of the duel.

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The Best Perk Combinations for PvP and PvE


We know that scout rifles have been the go-to firearm in Season 16 PvE since they’re easier to use to destroy Barrier Champions. Looking at the days remaining for Season of the Risen, players should anticipate the weapon to be in its meta state or the other in Season 17.

The Servant Leader can fire about 250 RPM, which is closer to Randy’s Throwing Knife. Even though its perks are not rigid to change, are far higher than that of Randy’s Throwing Knife.

PvP god roll

Servant Leader might be a powerful game changer in PvPs. As an automatic rifle and short-range weapon, it boasts about 89-meter damage infliction at close range. 

Though, this weapon’s stats can be tweaked to improve its range and make it a game-changer for its users.

The best perks in PvP battles are as follows:

  • Hammer Forged Rifling gives it an extended range. 
  • Accurized Rounds to improve the distance covered.
  • 25 Stability at Rapid Hit and 60 Reload Speed at 5x on each guided hit.
  • Reloading awards a 33% damage Kill Clip

Why most Guardians love this weapon is because of its massive perks to choose from.

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  • Other perk combinations include:
  • No Distraction and Rampage.
  • Outlaw and Kill Clip.
  • No Distraction and Kill Clip.
  • Rapid Hit and Rampage.
  • Killing Wind and Rampage.

Even as the weapon is a short-range rifle, tweaking it to provide long-range coverage ensures your upper hand in D2’s 1v1 PvP duel.

PvE god roll

Most players are fond of using Scout Rifles to stun the Champions. While the energy rifle provides some shield, the Servant Leader covers their usage with its powerful damage infliction and overwhelming firing rate.

Here is the best perk to consider for PvE battles.

  • Chambered Compensator provides Stability and Recoil direction.
  • Tactical Mag for Magazine increase, Reload Speed, and Stability.
  • Fourth Time’s the Charm for two bullets to the magazine after four precision hits within two seconds.
  • Grenade kills offer Adrenaline Junkie a 33% damage increase. Weapon kills can offer you one stack of this perk. 

Meanwhile, it should be known that gaining Frenzy in combat is sure means to inflict damage to players within 12 seconds. You can as well choose Unrelenting to improve your health regeneration after three precise shots on three separate targets or during combat above your stats.

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