Roblox Zombie Uprising Script (Active)

If you have a love for apocalyptic games or are a fan of zombie movies and tv series, then this one is for you. Zombie Uprising is a popular Roblox game where players fight against zombies.

The game was developed on Roblox by the United States Special Forces (USSF). The most important objective you have in this game is to figure out how humanity can be saved while also fending off waves of zombies.

As you progress further into the game, you will get access to more quests, see an increase in the amount of money you have, be able to upgrade and unlock weapons, collect medicine and ammo boxes, and unlock maps, among many other features.

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Meanwhile, if you are interested in Zombie Uprising Scripts that will make your gameplay fun and easy, then we have some of the best working scripts of the game below.

It is no more news that we at Oyapredict provide you with gaming scripts that will be worthwhile in your Roblox gaming adventures and this is just one of such scripts that you can benefit from.

Zombie Uprising Scripts

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Script 1 – Kill Aura, Inf Jump & Open Cases

Script 2

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