Roblox Ohio Script (Working)

If you are a fan of games that are based on happenings and events in a town or city, then the Roblox Ohio game is for you.

However, where is the fun when you don’t have access to scripts that will enhance your chances of coming out tops in this gaming adventure? I daresay none.

In this article, we will provide Roblox Ohio enthusiasts with working Roblox Ohio scripts that will ensure that they derive entertainment from this game.


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Meanwhile, let’s discuss the game a little as this is essential for newbies. Ohio is a game developed for the Roblox platform by DevvGames in 2021. The game is designed in such a way that players can get the best out of life by engaging in acts that will see them earn weapons and some cash.

Players can engage in various activities to make this a reality such as breeding chaos in the city, squaring off against gangs, and robbing banks, amongst other activities to ensure that they earn cash and weapons.


Another feature of the game is permadeath. This means that irrespective of what you have garnered whilst playing, you lose all once you die.

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I guess that gamers won’t want to go through this painful experience after toiling hard to attain some high levels. Roblox Ohio is gradually growing in popularity and has more than 5 million visits and over 8.000 players. Find below, some of the game’s scripts that will give you an edge.


Roblox Ohio Scripts

Script 1 – Ohio Kill Aura

Script 2

Script 3


Finally, do well to leverage the scripts we have provided in this article and ensure that you get one over your rivals regularly with these scripts.

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