Roblox Doors Codes – February 2024

“Roblox Doors” is one of the horror games developed by LSPLASH on the Roblox platform, where players must solve puzzles and unlock doors to progress through the game’s various levels. In the game, players aim to navigate through the haunted mansion and escape from it safely.

The game presents various challenges, such as puzzles and obstacles, that players must overcome to progress through the different rooms of the mansion.

At the same time, players must avoid the terrifying monsters that lurk around every corner and chase them relentlessly. The ultimate goal is to find a way out of the mansion and survive the horror that awaits them.


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To assist players, a list of DOORS codes is available to redeem to boost the gameplay experience. With these codes, players can secure free knobs and revive characters. Check out the active codes below:

Doors Roblox codes

  • 4B—Redeem for a revive (New)
  • SCREECHSUCKS—Claim this code for 25 Knobs

How To Redeem The Codes

Redeeming codes in Roblox Doors is a simple process.


  • First, open the game on your chosen platform.
  • Click on the SHOP button on the side of the screen.
  • Then, copy a code from our list and enter it into the text box.
  • Finally, click the CONFIRM button to claim your reward.

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In Conclusion

Roblox Doors is a thrilling horror game that challenges players to escape from a haunted mansion while being pursued by terrifying monsters.

The game offers an exciting experience with various puzzles to solve and rewards to earn. Additionally, by redeeming the Doors codes, players can gain free in-game items and revive them to help them progress further.


With our guide on how to redeem codes and the constantly updated list of active codes, players can stay ahead of the competition and make their way to safety.

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