Best Ready or Not Mods – How To Install And Use

It is no more news that Mods are part of the games that helped elevate the use of PC for gaming activities. If you’re looking for Ready or Not mods, then you should feel at home as we have gotten dozens of mods to help spice your gameplay and give you that experience you lack in the game. 

You will concur that Ready or Not is a challenging game when it comes to the Player versus Player (PVP) experience, and it’s manageable in its Player versus Environment (PvE) mode. With our mods, you won’t have to grind too long anymore.

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Where to Find Ready or Not Mods

Mods can be found on many sites across the internet for different games and some of the sites include the Steam Workshop which is a great game center, but we will recommend Nexus.

It’s possible to filter your search on Nexus by downloads, trending, recent, enforcement, and all that.

How to Install Mods for Ready or Not 

First, navigate to the folder you installed the Ready or Not. You can find this folder inside the ‘commons folder’, which is inside the folder named “steamapps”. If you have found the location, then follow the steps below:


Scroll down to download different mods of your choice. After downloading the .rar file, extract it with WinRAR or other file extract software into this location; \Steam\steamapps\common\Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Content\Paks.

After you have extracted it there, launch the game and confirm that your game is intact and that the mod extracted is working fine.

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Word Of Advice: Before you run any mod, first create a backup of your game files/folders in case the mod crashes the application, you can recover to where you were.

Best Mods for Ready or Not 

1. Vest Retexture Fix

The Vest Retexture Fix is a big aspect of the game that needs to be modified. And Modder has tried working on the vest aspect but the game structure makes it tricky for Modders. 

Most have failed as reskin mods will force the textures to be broken, or crash the entire game. With Vest Retexture Fix Mod, you can fix your vest material and any reskin mod can be applied textures to the vests of your officers. 


With this, you can customize the appearance of your officers by giving them unique eye gear. 

Get the mod here.

2. Masked AMP Heads Ready or Not Mod

In Ready or Not, there’s no mod available to cover your officer’s face except the use of a ballistic mask or gas mask tools that are used for some events.


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With the Masked AMP Heads Ready or Not mod you can put on Baclavas for your Officers and OD uniforms and cover your face. With the mod, you can obtain such heads as Judge, Alabama, King, Swan, Prescott, and Eli. 

Get the mod here.


3. Everything Unlocked Mod

New Guns Included in the Everything Unlocked Mod for Ready or Not

Get the mod here.

4. Better Enemy Behavior 

With Better Enemy Behavior mod, you can modify the stats of the AI and affect its accuracy to 0.4, its shooting time from 0.2 to 0.6, and also your Officer’s time with the weapon up before firing from 0.1 to 0.5.


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Get the mod here.

5. A Better In-Game Menu

This mod help simplify the game menu interface. And it also increases the Ready or Not lobby limit which is limited to five. You can use this mod to easily manage your party, increase the size, and also remove the players not needed again.


Also, the mod makes it easy to access the maps in the game modes. With the mod, you don’t have to flip between the pages of the map one after another. You can look into the custom map information, blueprints, and supporting mods with this mod.

If you installed this mod, you can navigate to it by double-clicking the “DeployMenu” key to Open. (default M).

Get the mod here.


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6. Super-A Club Map

Super-A Club Map brings more beautification to the game and also creates a tense arena. As the band started playing in the Super-a Club, there will be several terrorist attacks and you have to engage them with your team to neutralize them and save those partying. 

In this map, you will lead your crew through the long, 2-story club to neutralize the terrorists. This map is made by Modders and is not an inclusive part of the game Ready or Not.


Get the mod here.

Take advantage of the Ready or Not mods that have been mentioned in this article and enjoy the best gaming experience by using them.

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