Popular Types Of Casino Bonuses

If you enjoy playing online casino games, you may have noticed that many online casino sites run special offers and promotions for both new and existing players. There are thousands of online casinos operating around the world and competing for players, so bonuses are a great incentive for enticing players and maintaining that competitive edge.

For players, casino bonuses are great because they provide the opportunity to try out new games or casino sites. Sometimes returning players are also rewarded for their loyalty and occasionally incentives are given to players for recommending a casino site to their friends.

There are a variety of casino bonuses on offer across different casino sites. These are some of the most popular bonuses you are likely to find when you play casino games online:

Welcome Bonuses

The welcome bonus is specifically for new players and is an incentive for them to register for an account with the site. These are most commonly deposit bonuses, free spins, or even no-deposit bonuses, as explained below.

There is no reason why you cannot register with multiple sites and make use of the welcome bonus on each, however, it is important to read the wagering requirements and terms first to understand the full criteria for receiving the benefit.

Deposit Bonus

With the deposit bonus, when the player opens an account and adds in some cash, the casino will top this up to increase the size of the total deposit. This means that you have more money to play with, which is ideal if you want to try out a few games on a new site without using up too much of your own bankroll.

An example of a deposit bonus could be when the player deposits a minimum of $50, the casino will give a 20 percent bonus (up to a certain limit). This is one of the most common bonuses on casino sites and although they are often aimed at new players, they are sometimes available for players that already have an account.

No Deposit Bonus

The no-deposit bonus is a bit rarer than the deposit bonus and does not require the new player to deposit any money into the account first before receiving the bonus. This is great for players that are reluctant to use their own cash on a site they haven’t experienced before.

Something to note is that no deposit bonuses tend to have strict wagering requirements and you may need to complete a number of actions before being able to withdraw any winnings you made through playing with the bonus. Be sure to check this out before signing up.

Free Spins

This next type of bonus is specifically for online slot game players. Free spins may be given for a number of reasons, for example, if you are a new player or as a special offer to encourage returning slots players to try out a new game.

Free spins are also great for extending a slot session when offered mid-game. Free spins are usually only available on some games, so check if the game you are intending to play is eligible for this bonus.

When using a free spin offer, you can win real money like you would when playing with your own bankroll- providing you meet the wagering requirements.

Loyalty Bonuses

The loyalty bonus is there for players that visit the same casino site on multiple occasions and rewards them when they reach certain milestones. There are a number of different types of loyalty bonuses, with loyalty points that can be converted into cash prizes being a popular example.

Another type is the level-up bonus that rewards a player as they complete a level as defined by the casino. There are also challenge or mission bonuses where a player is rewarded for completing certain actions set out by the casino.

Referral Bonus

Referral bonuses are common across many sectors, including online casinos. With a referral bonus, the player is given a reward such as a cash bonus when someone they have referred to the site signs up and deposits money into their new account.

Sometimes the new sign-up also receives a bonus for following the referral link or using the referral code. It is always worth utilizing the referral bonus if you have friends that you know also enjoy online gaming.

High Roller Bonuses

Lastly, there is something called a high roller or VIP bonus for those with sizable bankrolls. A high roller is less likely to be motivated by a small deposit bonus or some free spins, but they may be interested in exclusive content or access to poker tournaments.

Casino bonuses are easy to find and can be really beneficial for both new and existing players, providing they read and understand the terms of the offer.

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