MX vs ATV Legends Cheats

So, you have been searching for the MX vs. ATV Legends cheats. Probably, all you have seen are either expired or not even working at all. If that’s the case, you have come to the right place where we have all worked and tested cheats for MX vs ATV Legends.

Introduction And Plot

With our cheats, you will have a smooth gaming experience. The game comes with a lot of fascinating environments, and a career mode to showcase your driving skills. In the career mode, you can explore all the skills that abound in the game and become the world champion.

The cheats I will be sharing with you here can be used for PC / PS5 / XSX / PS4 / XBOX ONE. And they’re all working because they’re tested and the game is anew. The game was launched on 28th Mya, 2022. So, every script here is current.

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To get more cheats, you may consider downloading MX vs ATV Legends promo trainer run by third parties. The promo trainer will help you activate many cheats in the game that may not be available on others.

So, you surf the net to obtain the promo cheats or still, run those we were able to get for you? We have shared them at the bottom of this article.

Trainers And Cheat Codes For This Game

These trainers are small downloadable programs that enable you to cheat in the game. You can download some of the trainers with the links below:

Download Trainer

Download Aurora

Download Trainer 2

MX vs ATV Legends Cheats

I will share with you some promo codes here you should enter into the game to obtain rewards. Remember, you are to enter them as codes to unlock their rewards.

  • Enter “TOOLAZY” to unlock all bonuses.
  • Enter “HUCKIT” to unlock all freestyle tracks.
  • Enter “LEADFOOT” to unlock all Machines Challenge tracks.
  • Enter “NOTMOTO” to unlock all Open class tracks.
  • Enter “GOOUTSIDE” to unlock all National tracks.
  • Enter “GOINSIDE” to unlock all Supercross tracks.
  • Enter “PITPASS” to unlock all tracks.

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  • Enter “BRAPP” to unlock all bikes.
  • Enter “COUCHES” to unlock all ATVs.
  • Enter “WANNABE” to unlock all Pro riders.
  • Enter “WARDROBE” to unlock all gear.
  • Enter “MINIMOTO” to unlock the 50cc bikes.
  • Enter “BIGBORE” to unlock the 500cc bikes.
  • Enter “BROKEASAJOKE” to unlock get 1,000,000 Store points. Note: To earn more store points, activate this code and keep clicking on “Done” when it says “Here are some points for the store!”.
  • Enter “IAMTOOGOOD” to unlock Pro physics
  • Get 80 race points to unlock the Golf Cart.
  • Get 100 race points to unlock the Stadium Truck.

Watch the video below for more visual guides and cues.

MX vs ATV Legends Trainer Cheats

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