Material Girl Roblox ID (Guide)

Users of TikTok, the social app which includes millions of short-form videos made by users and spanning a variety of genres and topics, must have come across the popular song Material Girl. 

Material Girl is one of the most well-known and well-liked pop-rap tracks by Saucy Santana and was initially released in 2019, however in 2020, things changed.

After the debut of the TikTok filter known as Material Gwoorl, the song became much more popular than it had been previously. The filter consisted of a Roblox character that responds in different ways depending on how you move your body. 

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Meanwhile, on Roblox, you can listen to the song in its original form or one of two available versions which are pitched or bass-boosted. 

However, you will need particular codes to play these recordings. Regardless, If you are on a search for Material Girl Roblox ID, your guess is as good as mine that your search is over. 

Material Girl Roblox ID 

It is not easy to get a valid ID for Material Girl on Roblox; However, some working IDs have been discovered for both versions of the song and we will be mentioning them in this article. Do well to read on.

Find below, some of the working Material Girl Roblox IDs that will come in handy for you presently.

Material Girl ID

  • 8634118812
  • 419284223
  • 7929110456

Material Girl ID Code For All Versions

  • (Pitched) Song ID Code: 3421152742

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How to Play Music On Roblox

It is no more news that Roblox does not charge consumers for the usage of its services, but it also enables users to listen to any song code so long as they have the boombox item. There are, of course, a few different options to choose from. However, if you have access to one, do well to follow the steps below.

  • Launch Roblox and head into the game world you’ve created. 
  • Select your boombox.
  • Enter the Material Girl Roblox ID that was provided earlier, and then hit the enter key. 

After that, your music will begin to play at a much louder volume! Do well to take advantage of all the Roblox Material Girl ID Codes that have been disclosed in this article.

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