Is The Forest A Cross Platform Game?

The Forest was a PC game when it was released in 2018. It was further upgraded to be played on PlayStation 4 which attracted much-needed popularity. The game concepts have players situated in a perilous position caused by a plane crash.

The game’s title is terrifying for a single player. But playing with friends through multiplayer will save you from the scary parts of the game. In this article, we will look into multiplayer functions and the usual question: is The Forest cross-platform?

The Forest being a horror game isn’t that unique like its counterparts. However, its concept makes it eligible to be presented when we discuss the game niche.


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The Son of The Forest which is following The Forest is expected to be released in October 2022. At its early launch, the game enjoyed a good number of players.

Thanks to its creepy foes that attack gamers throughout the game. It is an authentic multiplayer game enjoyed by many, but is The Forest cross-platform?


Is The Forest Cross Platform?

Sadly, The Forest is not crossplatform. It restricts players to only the unique platform where they’re playing it. When your friend is playing on PC, you can’t join the game through PlayStation 4.

What Is Cross-Platform Play?

This is a game mechanic that allows gamers to join their friends in a multiplayer scenario when they’re not using the same format. For instance, a crossplatform game will allow you to join the same type of game your friend is playing on Xbox by using a PlayStation.

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Final Thoughts

The Forest is not a crossplatform game. You can’t join a player who is on PC while you’re playing on PlayStation. Also, you can’t copy or transfer the PC data of The Forest to PlayStation to play it. Therefore, you will have to stick with any platform you play the game on and make do with it.

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