How To Get To Tech World In Pet SIM X?

Pet Sim X is a famous virtual pet simulation game that gives players the free hand to create, customize, and interact with their virtual pets.

One of its record-breaking games with the most thrilling features is Tech World, a special world that players can unveil once they have advanced to a certain level of game progression.

Tech World is filled with top-notch technology and gadgets that look into the future, making it a unique and fun experience for players.

This doesn’t change the fact that many players still find it challenging to get to Tech World in Pet Sim X. Hence, this article will show the steps you need to take to reach Tech World in Pet Sim X.

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Whether you’re an advanced player or a newbie, this guide will surely provide you with the information you need to make your way to this fun-filled gaming world.

Step 1: Meet the requirements

To reach Tech World, you must first meet a few criteria. Firstly, you must be at level 15 in the game. This is because Tech World is designed for more advanced players who have already had a chance to explore the basic elements of the game.

New players will have to play their way up to the top. Secondly, you must have at least  500 gems in your in-game account.

These gems can be obtained by your ability to complete challenges and daily missions, or by outrightly buying them from the in-game store.


Step 2: Get to the Tech World portal

After achieving the requirements, the next step is to reach the Tech World portal. This portal can be found in the main menu of the game, just below the “Worlds” tab.

Once you locate the Tech World portal, click on it to enter. You will get to the next screen that displays the cost of unlocking Tech World, which is 500 gems.

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If you already acquired enough gems in your account, just click on the “Enter” button to start your journey to Tech World.

Step 3: Explore Tech World

Now that you’ve unlocked Tech World, you will be welcome with a handful of new world technology and gadgets. This world is filled with a future to behold, high-tech types of equipment, and a variety of new challenges and missions to accomplish.

You can dive in by exploring the different areas of Tech World, including the research lab, the tech store, and the robot factory. Each tech area has unique features and tasks that you can complete to unlock rewards.


Step 4: Complete challenges and missions

One of the major aspects of Tech World is the challenges and missions that you can complete. Upon completion of these challenges and missions, you’ll earn rewards, like gems, new tech gadgets, and upgrades for your virtual pet.

However, to complete several challenges and missions in the tech world, you will need to improve your problem-solving skills, strategy, and critical thinking.

Some of the challenges come in form of solving puzzles, while others may require you to complete certain tasks in a short time.


Step 5: Upgrade your tech gadgets

The thrill is not over without saying you can collect or upgrade your tech gadgets. These gadgets range from robots to hoverboards, laser guns, etc.

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Upgrading your tech gadgets gives them some improved abilities and makes them even more powerful. These improved abilities will help you complete challenges and missions even more easily and effectively, and acquire more rewards in the process.


Step 6: Keep exploring and discovering

Lastly, the key to reaching Tech World in Pet Sim X is to keep unveiling innovations and discovering. The world is constantly evolving its tech trends, with new challenges and missions being added all the time.

So, don’t give up on trying new things, experiment with different methods, and keep pushing the boundaries of your possibilities in the Tech World.

Final Thoughts

Pet Sim X is a popular virtual pet simulation game that gives players the free hand to create, customize, and interact with their virtual pets.


Having the thrilling feature of letting a player look into the future, is always a fun-filled experience.

Whether you’re an advanced player or a newbie, the steps listed in this article will show you how to get to the tech world in pet sim x with ease. Have fun as you play yourself into the future of technology.

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