How To Complete Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Secret

It is no more news that Lost Ark is an exciting game where players are tasked with uncovering and completing a variety of secret objectives before they can make any progress.

The hidden quests in the game provide players with a little piece of backstory for some characters, as well as an excellent opportunity to level up and gain some rewards. 

Nevertheless, it should be known that Her Majesty’s Mystery in North Vern will lead you straight into a snare if you let it. In this article, we will be throwing more light on Lost Ark Her Majestys Secret 3 and how to go about the quest.


Players are expected to try their hand at Her Majesty’s Secret. However, it is a secret task, and players will be required to search for it. They won’t receive it even if they make progress through an area or engage in conversation with a non-player character. 

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Her Majesty’s Mystery, much like the majority of the other hidden stories in Lost Ark, can be found in a variety of different locations. 


You will receive a buff in your bar that will inform you of the remaining amount of time you have to locate the following component of the puzzle. 

Where Can You Find The First Part Of Her Majesty’s Secret?

The first portion of the quest may be found in the Fesnar Highlands, which are located on a map in North Vern and can be accessed after the town of Rania. 

After exiting the lone teleporter, immediately turn left and cross the large bridge. 


How To Complete Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Secret

Players have a wealth of hidden content to unearth in Arkesia. To complete the secret mission of Her Majesty’s Secret, players will need to locate a variety of distinct sites.

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It will no longer be necessary for players to speak to the numerous non-player characters (NPCs) in Lost Ark since the mission will advance automatically when players engage with them. 


The following is a rundown of the steps that players might take to start and finish this hidden story: 

  • Travel to Fesnar Highland, which is located in the western part of North Vern. 
  • Find the stone pillar and engage in conversation with it to obtain the first secret story note. 
  • Now make your way through the area by following the identical stone pillars that you can see. 
  • From there, head west to find a gigantic sword stuck in the ground.
  • Interacting with the blade’s handle will result in the discovery of the second secret tale note. Also, note that there is a second fake interaction prompt that appears to the side of the sword. Pay attention to it. If it is unclear, all you need to do is locate both of them and interact with them until you have collected the second note. 
  • After this, relocate to the Balankar Mountains in North Vern. 
  • Within Veloran’s Hideout, you will discover the Ancient Elveria dungeon.
  • You will be required to go into the dungeon and fight until you reach the central region, which is referred to as the Contaminated Ruins. 
  • You will see a point of interaction on the edge of the balcony. 
  • Interact with it as the final quest marker will only be completed if the appropriate point near the sword was interacted with.

Her Majesty's Secret - All 3 Locations - CORRECT METHOD - Hidden Story - North Vern - Lost Ark

From the hints that have been provided in this article, it appears that the Lost Ark hidden story quest is not overly difficult. The numerous challenges in the quest because there is insufficient information.


Meanwhile, you must be ready to engage in combat if you intend to take on Her Majesty’s Secret. Each interaction location is crawling with foes that seem to respawn with ease.

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Ensure that you quickly interact with the spots because you will almost certainly be engaged in a fight if you continue to these areas. 


This is especially true about the dungeon known as Ancient Elveria. Dungeons in Lost Ark are famous for the dangerous enemies that inhabit them. 

The hidden story of Her Majesty’s Secret will be finished if you can interact with all the three points that are required. Meanwhile, leverage the information in the notes you have obtained by reading them to access more about the secret.

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