How To Breed Horses In Minecraft

Do you is easier to breed horses in Minecraft by following the step-by-step guide given here? In Minecraft, you will make use of horses mostly in the game. So, you must learn and understand how to breed powerful horses in Minecraft.

Horses in Minecraft are breedable passive mobs and are very useful in the game. When you breed your horse properly, you can sit and ride your horse with ease.

Also, horses are very important in Minecraft because that’s what you will often use when traveling around the Overworld realm. Some players have the habit of searching for spawn horses and they will tame them.


But if you ever want to get the best horses. For horses that are strong and very healthy, you will resort to breeding your horse than searching for spawned horses.

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By breeding, you make adult horse mobs to produce their offspring. As you may know or are about to know, bred horses in Minecraft are the strongest horse ever. So, that’s why it’s important you also learn to breed your horse which we will teach here shortly.


Having that said, let’s look at the steps by which you can breed your horses.

All about breeding horses in Minecraft

The following information will teach you everything you need to know about breeding horses in Minecraft. You will also learn about how to know the horse markings to determine the best horse to breed.

Knowing the parent horse markings ensures that you breed faster and stronger horses for mob action. So, pay attention to the guide as we journey down.


Food items required to breed horses

Horses in Minecraft are often fed with wheat or hay blocks which keeps them healthy. But wheat and hay blocks don’t mean your horse will be healthy and it doesn’t define horse breeding in Minecraft. To breed horses in Minecraft, you must either have golden apples or golden carrots.

These are the only essential items required to breed a horse. But the process of getting these gold-wrapped food items is very rare. They are often carried out manually by looting a chest, or also by crafting them.

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How To Craft Golden Apples and Carrots

There are simple steps you can utilize to ensure you craft these breeding food items. To craft a golden apple, you will search for an apple or buy any from the store.

Once you have it, place the apple on the crafting table. Get your gold ingots, you will need eight of these gold ingots. Place the gold ingots around the apple, this will give you a golden apple.

Similarly, you can craft golden carrots using the crafting table also. To do this, place your carrot on the crafting table and get the eight gold nuggets placed around the carrots.


These will craft the golden carrots. Remember, you must buy or get your carrot from the environment and also purchase the gold nuggets or you can still earn them by crafting.

When breeding the horse, you might consider breeding them with only golden carrots. This is because golden carrots are cheaper and easier to get. Whether you want to buy them or craft them. They are also the best for breeding horses in Minecraft.

Process of breeding horses

Now that we have all our food items to breed the horses, let’s take the step now to breed a horse. Travel to the forest to find horses roaming around and start breeding any of them.


These horses are not far fetch, you can find them anywhere in the forest as they often spawn repeatedly in biomes. Find the two horses that spawn and feed them with golden carrots and golden apples.

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Feeding them with golden carrots at first will be a nice step as it will activate the ‘love mode’. Once the love mode has been activated between them, the horses will come together to mate and spawn a foal. Now you have a bred horse.


Foal’s growth

So, you have seen the process in which we got our first foal, which means breeding is complete. We now go into feeding the foal to grow. When the foal is spawned, it is always thinner and will start growing through stages as coded in Minecraft.

There are a lot of food items you can feed this foal to make it grow faster. Foal doesn’t select different food items, so, continue feeding them mixed foods to help keep them healthy and stronger. They will grow to become the healthiest and strongest horses than those that spawn as adult horses.

Markings and statistics comparison after breeding

Breeding horse in Minecraft is very essential if you want to get fast and strongest horses for mob actions. So, to select the horses to use for mob action, you have to check their stats to know which weights are better. You can check your horses’ stats by seeing if any has any marking or designs on their skin.


You will come across three vital ‘equine stats’ while playing Minecraft. These equine stats are health, movement speed, and jump height. Importantly, not all horses will have all these three equine stats. They defer from horse to horse.

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That’s why you need to check them out manually to identify the best mob actions. So, before you breed any horse, ensure to know their equine stats to know the kind of foal they are capable of producing. Furthermore, the foal’s stats are made up of the average of its parent’s stats as determined by the third set.


Recently, after the update in latest updates, in Java Edition 1.19.4 and Bedrock Edition 1.19.70. The stats are not as biased as they were before by using their average. This averaging was eroded to enable gamers to get strong and fast horses easily than passing the stress of checking the parents’ stats before breeding any horse.

Final Thoughts

With this guide, we hope that you can breed any horse now for your mob action. Some players prefer to tame horses they found in the wilderness which can compare with breed horses. So, follow the guide and breed horses that are stronger and faster.



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