How To Beat Assassin Girl In Chained Echoes – Full Guide

Matthias Linda and his team created Chained Echoes, a retro-style Japanese RPG. It tells the story of Loka, a young hero who, along with his comrades, must preserve Valandis from tremendous evil.

The game’s classic gameplay principles, intriguing story, and charming aesthetics have earned it great acclaim.

One of the most difficult confrontations in the game is against the Assassin Girl, a tough foe who can rapidly take down unprepared players. In this article, we’ll go over the Assassin Girl battle in-depth and offer advice on how to win.


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Understanding Assassin Girl Battle

The Assassin Girl fight occurs at the end of the game, inside the Tower of Fangs. The Assassin Girl will ambush you as soon as you enter the battle arena, attacking your party with her razor-sharp swords.

The Assassin Girl possesses a variety of lethal moves, including high-damage physical assaults, magic spells, and status effects. She may also call clones of herself to fight with her.


The Assassin Girl, in addition to her deadly strikes, has a high evasion rate, making her tough to hit. She also has a high-speed stat, which allows her to attack many times per turn.

Preparing For Battle

It is critical that your party is fully prepared before encountering the Assassin Girl. Here are a few pointers to help you prepare:

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  1. Level Up: Make sure your party is strong enough to take on the Assassin Girl. A good rule of thumb is to have your party members level 30 or higher.
  2. Make sure you have lots of healing goods on hand, such as potions and ethers, because the Assassin Girl can deal a lot of damage.
  3. Equip the Correct Gear: Ensure that your party members are properly equipped in order to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Equip your physical attackers with weapons that offer great accuracy and damage, and your mages with gear that increases their magic stats.
  4. Choose the Correct Party Members: Select party members who have talents that can exploit the Assassin Girl’s flaws. A party member with the “Analyze” skill, for example, can disclose the Assassin Girl’s elemental weakness, allowing you to employ spells that cause additional damage.

Strategies To Beat Assassin Girl

When you’re ready to face the Assassin Girl, here are some strategies to help you win:

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  1. Employ AOE Attacks: This is because the Assassin Girl can call clones of herself, it’s critical to use area-of-effect (AOE) assaults to quickly eliminate them. Spells such as “Firestorm” and “Thunderstorm” are useful for this.
  2. Exploit Elemental Weakness: To do more damage, use spells that take advantage of the Assassin Girl’s elemental weakness. If you don’t have an elemental spellcaster in your party with the “Analyze” skill, you can experiment with different elemental spells until you find one that delivers more damage.
  3. Keep Your Team Healed: Because the Assassin Girl can deal heavy damage, keep your party members healed at all times. To keep everyone alive, use healing spells and objects as needed.
  4. Employ spells and abilities that can reduce the Assassin Girl’s defensive and attack stats to weaken her. This makes it easier for your party members to hit her, reducing the amount of damage she deals.
  5. Use Status Effects: The Assassin Girl is susceptible to status effects such as “Sleep” and “Paralyze.” If you have members of your party that have these talents, use them to disable the Assassin Girl and give your party an advantage.
  6. Keep an eye out: Because the Assassin Girl has a high-speed stat, she will frequently attack numerous times every turn. Maintain vigilance over her.

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