Features And Poplarity Of Virtual Reality In Video Games

The Impact Of Virtual Reality Games: Immersive Experiences And Beyond

Virtual reality is the next stage in the development of video games. It was first attempted in video games back when there were sixteen-bit consoles. Many choose the best golf games for Xbox One. In recent years, the introduction of VR has been the most effective. However, it has yet to help to take video games to the next level. 

History Of VR Video Game Devices

Some of the most popular devices include:

  • Virtuality Group – first used in 1990, the hall provided maximum immersion in virtual games, but it had minimal demand and did not cause the expected interest among gamers;
  • Sega VR – appeared in 1993 as a hexadecimal console, then there was a whole era of 3D games, so this product has not gained popularity;
  • Virtual Boy – a product from the famous company Nintendo in 1995, actively sold in stores, but had a drawback which was the games, because they were in black and white shades;
  • Oculus Rift – created in 2013 and caused a whole wave of popularization of virtual reality, it was sold at an affordable price, so many gamers could afford to buy and evaluate it;
  • PlayStation VR – appeared in 2016 and is one of Sony’s most successful products. The company plans to develop this device, and there is a good chance that virtual reality will be used even more in virtual games in the coming years.

The first devices did not cause a tangible furor and did not become very popular. 

The Principle Of Virtual Reality In Video Games

Keep in mind the basic steps of how VR works:

  • Put a special helmet on your head to instantly immerse yourself in a virtual world; only a high-quality picture of the game will be in his view;
  • The helmet provides the ability to bring the lenses closer to the eyes and give you more vision, so you get a three-dimensional image on the screen;
  • Given the head tracking system, an excellent immersive virtual reality effect can remain;
  • The device consists of various parts, which help to follow the process going on around the gamer, as well as to participate in it directly;
  • A hand movement system allows you to shoot weapons and actively participate in the gameplay to experience emotions, such as in a real fight.

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Virtual Reality Glasses  

During the first days after the release of these glasses, they became trendy. They are used to transfer virtual reality to the PC, and you can enjoy the gameplay. Their cost is relatively high, and this is a disadvantage. Many gamers can not afford them.

These glasses create beautiful effects and allow viewing the game differently. They provide a greater viewing angle and allow the gamer to feel a part of a particular game. It is better to play games like Pirate Galaxy. 

You can be transported into the gameplay every time you put on the virtual glasses. The invention is a real find and opens up new possibilities. Even though the price is relatively high, they are worth it.

Different versions of glasses fit specific devices. For example, the HTC Vive and PS VR. Note that the latter model is only compatible with the PlayStation 4.  

There is also the Oculus Rift, which is equipped with better features and technology. Using an optional keyboard to control your gameplay with gestures is possible. At the same time, the HTC Vive offers more accessories—for example, headphones, a tracker, and a base station, which you can buy separately.

VR Technologies

Many people have already managed to appreciate virtual glasses and additional devices. If we look to the future of technology, we can expect new devices to appear. The human action must be connected to obtain a more substantial virtual reality effect.

There still needs to be development in this niche, and companies do not offer new devices. The only thing left to do is to play regular wholesome games.

If you want to experience virtual reality as much as possible, use virtual glasses and additional accessories. Some popular VR games include Falcon Age, Moss, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted, No Man’s Sky VR, Beat, The Wizards, and Trover Saves the Universe.

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There are special sensors that capture the movement of the game weapon. In this way, it is transferred to the game and differs from the classic gameplay. Different movements can be moved to video games and controlled by virtual reality. 

The Popularity Of VR

The emergence of virtual reality glasses was the most anticipated event. At the same time, there has been less popularity than expected. No new products or accessories could help expand the virtual reality in video games. If they can, many people are interested in playing guitar hero on ps5.

There are projects with great graphics that can be used on different monitors and televisions. It is easy to control them with keyboards, mice, and gamepads.

It will take a lot of resources to play in virtual reality. Therefore, it is not justified right now. Virtual reality devices represent traditional accessories and offer a classic experience.

The big problems are related to technical limitations. Not all virtual reality devices can overcome them. For example, goggles can work for no more than 100 m², preventing other devices from performing their function. There are many such problems, and they do not yet have solutions. 

Virtual reality has been developing very slowly lately. Users expect to see interesting content and be able to purchase it for a great gaming experience. We should expect rapid development in at least 5 years. It is possible, then, that virtual reality technologies will be more developed and accessible to a large audience.


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