DNF Duel Legend Rank System Explained

I guess you are here because you require more information on how the DNF Duel Legend rank works. If that is the case, then this article will help you out as it has been relatively simplified.

Before we proceed, you should know that DNF Duel is a fighting game designed in a way that players can fight against other players, either in lobbies or in PvP-based matches. These fights can take place in either setting. 

Since it is a spinoff of the original Dungeon and Fighter Series, the battles and the DNF Duel Ranking System can easily be noted as some of the most interesting aspects of the game. 


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The online multiplayer component of DNF Duel features its own set of ranks, which gamers can progress through.

It is a no-brainer that the combination of reactions and combos used by other players against their opponents during combat causes these battle situations to become stressful. 


It enhances the level of excitement, as well as the yearning to perform at one of the highest possible levels during the DNF Duel. 

The Ranks in DNF Duel

The DNF Duel Ranking System’s core revolves around the game’s Online Mode, which puts players in competition with other players from all over the world. 

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The path to higher ranks begins with Bronze and continues to Deity. You should know that four distinct levels make up each rank in DNF Duel. 

Players need to take first place in three consecutive ranked matches before moving up to the next level. We may see it play out in the ranking fights, where the winners’ results will be used collectively. 

The DNF Duel ranking order can be seen below:


  • Bronze I – IV
  • Silver I – IV
  • Gold I – IV
  • Diamond I – IV
  • Terranite I – IV
  • Deity

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Final Words

The player’s progression from one tier to the other is based on the player’s matchmaking, which can be controlled through the game’s settings. Therefore, progressing upwards to another tier means that the player is moving up the DNF Duel ranking system. 



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