CS:GO Callouts Dust 2 (Full Guide)

Cs Go Callouts in Dusts 2 is one of the greatest maps in the game. The first version of Dusts 2 called Dust was awesome as players enjoyed the arena. After a while, CounterStrike remastered and improved the arena.

Currently, Dust 2 is the most popular map in the game. Thanks to its excellent balance that offers teams the same abilities. Everyone in the arena will have to succeed with his skills and experiences.

As an old map, the visual changes to the map are worth the hype. The Dust has always come in a consistent style but with slight distinctive abilities. And the details of the improved map are much better. Here is the detailed list of all Dust 2 callouts:

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  • A Short  This is the arena where counter-terrorists always spawn near. This is the shortcut to A site, as well as the terrorists too.
  • T Spawn  Terrorists will hijack this arena.
  • T Plat  This arena is located near the T Spawn and you can see T Ramp from here.
  • Outside Tunnels  This is a big arena where you can follow to enter B tunnels. While traveling to B Site, Terrorists will pass the tunnels.
  • Upper B Tunnels  At this point, Terrorists will always turn to the left here if they want to move to tunnels. While a right turn will take them to Mid.
  • Lower B Tunnels  Terrorists traveling from tunnels can easily enter Mid from here.
  • Close This is a corner on the B Site. Terrorists can take the left to enter Upper Tunnels. You can stage here and eliminate the terrorists.
  • B Closet  Both teams can hide in the B Site, just at the corner. Terrorists entering from Upper Tunnels, the B Closet is on the right side.
  • B Car – This is a car at the B Closet. Hiding here means you’re on B Car.
  • Fence – This is a wall that protects the B Site. Counter-terrorists can stage their attack here against terrorists that enter from the tunnels.

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  • B Plat  This is a farm area near the B Site. You can view the Upper Tunnels entrance from here.
  • Back Plat  This arena is located behind the farm area on B Site. Both teams can take cover here.
  • Big Box  This is a Big box located on the B Site, just an analog of Xbox on Mid.
  • Double Stack  These are two boxes with one over another on B Plant.
  • B Default Plant  A suitable part to plant your bomb on B Site.
  • B Window  This is a CS: GO callout and has in it the window on B Site that you can take to CT Mid. There are boxes here too to help you reach it.
  • B Back Site  When viewing from the tunnels. The B Back Site is just a location behind the B Default Plant.
  • B Doors  This is an entrance to B Site when traveling from CT Mid.
  • B Boxes  These are boxes outside B Doors in the arena. Gamers can camp here against opponents coming from B Site to CT Mid.
  • Scaffolding  These are building materials seen on CT Mid just opposite B Window. You can take cover here and eliminate attackers or protectors of B Site.

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  • CT Mid  This is just the open area between CT Spawn and B Site. Terrorists can come in from Mid.
  • Mid Doors  Just big doors between Mid and CT Mid. Beware, Terrorist snipers can shoot through these doors when they spawn.
  • Xbox  This is a big box terrorists will face when traveling from Lower Tunnels to Mid. Climbing the big box will help you reach A Short.
  • Mid  Just a big corridor like an arena. Is the direct path between CT Mid and T Spawn.
  • Palm  It was once a palm tree. But it now holds the telephone mast at the beginning of Mid, from the side of Catwalk
  • Top Mid  This is the point that connects Mid with Suicide and Outside Mid.
  • Suicide  This is the shortest path from T Spawn to Mid. This path is just like its name, following here means suicide. Counter-Terrorist from Mid Doors can shoot through here.
  • Outside Long  Terrorists will always pass through here when they move to Long Doors and then A Long or to Top Mid.
  • Long Doors – This is a good entrance for terrorists to the zone. The entrance is often guarded by counter-terrorists. While at this location, you will see two double doors and a small room between them.

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  • Blue  From Long Doors, this is a big crate opposite it if you’re traveling to A Long.
  • Side Pit  This place is hidden by Long Doors at the right arena, usually for terrorists. Counter-terrorists may camp here or on Pit.
  • Pit  Just a slope. The Pit is not visible to terrorists entering A Long from Long Doors. It is also separated from Side Pit by a brick wall.
  • Pit Plat  This is a platform closer to the Pit. Snipers positioned here can see A Site.
  • A Long –This is a long corridor-like area located on the path of terrorists towards A Site (if they travel through Long Doors.)

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  • A Car  When terrorists travel through the A Long. They have to inspect the car located on their right. This is because counter-terrorists will usually camp here to eliminate their enemies.
  • A Cross  This is an open arena and can be seen from all angles. It can be seen from A Short, A Long, and A Site.
  • A Ramp  This is another slope from A Site towards A Long.
  • A Default Plant  This area is very important with a big A for planting the bomb on A Site.
  • Barrels  The barrels are seen behind A Site.

Do well to leverage this list of CS:GO Dust 2 callouts that have been mentioned in this article to enhance your chances of coming out tops consistently.

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