Cherry Blossom Cookie Toppings Build – Full Guide

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, the best Cherry Blossom Cookie will greatly synchronize with the cookie’s capabilities and position in the party. 

The Cherry Blossom is the latest released cookie in the game roster; therefore, game enthusiasts are exploring how to best optimize her power if they eventually unlock her. With this guide here, you will get all the info needed as regards the Cherry Blossom Toppings.

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Cherry Blossom Cookie Toppings Builds

The ideal build for Cherry Blossom Cookie toppings ought to have Five Searing Raspberry toppings and cooldown sub-stats. If you combine the Searing Raspberry toppings with high cooldown sub-stats, it will deplete her skills’ cooldown timer.

You can have an alternate build for Cherry Blossom cookie toppings in the Cookie Run Kingdom by combining Swift Chocolate toppings and Searing Raspberry toppings. 

You can select three Searing Raspberry and two Swift Chocolate toppings. Or you select three Swift Chocolate toppings and two Searing Raspberry toppings.

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Cherry Blossom Cookie Skill

To effectively cause significant damage to her foes, Cherry Blossom Cookie rises high in the sky and snowballs down cherry blossoms on them. 

She can also raise ATK allies and deliver devastating damage to non-cookie adversaries around. Though, the destructive power accumulated by the ATK allies depends on the number of foes it struck by the talent.

But when it comes to PVP battles, her skills aren’t enough to help you win or cause destructive damage. In PVP, her boost becomes hard to build up and the only means to succeed is to choose a different talent than her. 

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But, she’s so reliable when it comes to PVE and there are many foes around to strike. It’s important to know that her major buff accumulates the more she struck many foes, and you can’t use her to win a boss fight at the end.

You can also explore her power in the Tropical Soda Islands and the Cookie Alliance where she’s so fluent with her skills and can easily create ATK stacks for the squad and cause huge destructions to the area. 

In normal terms, Cherry Blossom Cookies is not an ideal character for combats, but she can do better where other cookies like Caramel Arrow and Éclair couldn’t scale through.


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