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roblox combat warriors script

Roblox Combat Warriors Script (2022) – Full Guide

July 28, 2022

If you are a Combat Warriors enthusiast and are on a search for hacks such as auto parry and auto hit, amongst others, that will make your gaming experience easier and more exciting, then do well to leverage the Roblox Combat Warriors Script in this article. It is no more news that the first step […]

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how to get to queens bedchamber elden ring

How To Get To Queen’s Bedchamber In Elden Ring

July 25, 2022

It is no more news that Elden Ring is a very addicting action RPG game that brings its players into a Land Between with little guidance and very vague directional indicators from Sites of Grace and the occasional comment from an NPC.  They make fighting the bosses like Maliketh, the Black Blade, or Miyazaki’s favorite […]

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elden ring royal house scroll

Elden Ring Royal House Scroll: Location and Uses

July 25, 2022

In Elden Ring, the Royal House Scroll can be found on the ruins in the southern part of Limgrave, just before you cross the Bridge of Sacrifice towards the Weeping Peninsula. It’s very essential to pick all key items while playing Elden Ring as they’re also vital to progress and enter the locked areas. With […]

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destiny 2 how to get mindbender

Destiny 2 – How To Get Mindbender

July 25, 2022

Defeating the Trickster will have Mindbender as the next voracious enemy to annihilate. An enemy who could read someone’s mind and confuse his enemies. Ghost can track and reveal the location of the Mindbender which is at a cave in the Tangled Shore’s vicinity. Phase 1: Hunt the Mindbender You are to set off by […]

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pardon our dust god roll guide

Pardon Our Dust god Roll In Destiny 2 – Full Guide

July 25, 2022

On the 30th anniversary of Destiny 2, there were massive releases of a variety of Bungie legacy-inspired weapons for players to explore. Amongst all the weapons, we identified a kinetic slot grenade launcher which gives Ignition Code a run for its money.  Pardon Our Dust is acquired through a treasure chest in front of Xur, exclusive […]

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servant leader destiny 2

Servant Leader Destiny 2 – Guide on God Roll; PVP and PVE

July 25, 2022

All Destiny 2 enthusiasts are all beaming with joy upon hearing about the release of the Season of the Lost and the return to the Dreaming City. Acting as the character; ‘The Witch Queen’, this season is all about liberating Savathun from her worm of god to save Osiris from her tentacles.  With the season which […]

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best tactile switches

The 6 Best Tactile Switches In 2022

July 24, 2022

It hasn’t been easy buying the best tactile switches when we visit the mall or the computer accessories store over there. Making the right decision where there are many look-alike keyboards with high and low prices will see us going after the one we felt is better: maybe, the price is high or the look is […]

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how to get duelist finger

How To Get Duelist’s Furled Fingers – Full Guide

July 18, 2022

Elden Ring is an adventurous and strategy game filled with treacherous bosses and mobs. Thanks to the multiplayer mode where you can ask questions with friends.  Cooperation is very important in the Souls experience. When you work together in defeating bosses and progress through difficult areas is what makes the game very enjoyable.  Alongside are […]

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pummarola in vampire survivors

How to get Pummarola in Vampire Survivors

July 17, 2022

Speaking about exciting games that would be worthwhile, Vampire Survivors is one of them. It can be described as 2D roguelike game with massive shooting developed by Luca Galante. Its early access is just $3 on Steam. Although the game is not that widely known, it has managed to gain popularity because of its hyping […]

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how to get wings on knockout city

How To Get Wings In Knockout City

July 14, 2022

Knockout City is a free-to-play action video game about dodgeball. It was given the free-to-play title in June 2022 and the game has remained a success since it was introduced. The game comes with its share of cosmetics, a major aspect that continues to attract players, even more than the game’s rewarding multiplayer mode. The […]

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