Arcane Odyssey Sand Magic Guide

Sand Magic is a type of magic in the adventure game, Arcane Odyssey, that allows you to control sand and use it to attack enemies’ vision. This magic type clashes well with some other magics. Making it a preferred tool for gamers.

In this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about “Sand Magic,” even its clash power won’t be neglected. Keep reading!

Arcane Odyssey ~ Sand Magic

Sand Magic is a type of base Magic available in Arcane Odyssey for players to choose from when they begin the game. All of its attacks inflict the “Sandy” status effect, which partially obstructs the target’s vision over time.

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It works best with Wood, Ash, Explosion, and Lightning Magic. However, it is ineffective when clashing with other magics such as Water, Fire, or Ice magic. Additionally, in terms of clashing power, Sand Magic has both clash advantages and disadvantages.


 Sand Magic ~ Clash Advantage

  • Against Light Magic, Wind Magic, and Shadow Magic, Sand Magic has a 1.3x clash advantage.
  • Against Wind Magic and Poison Magic, Sand Magic has a 1.2x clash advantage.
  • Against Ash Magic, Sand Magic has a 1.15x clash advantage.
  • Against Fire Magic, Sand Magic has a 1.1x clash advantage

 Sand Magic ~ Clash Disadvantage

  • Against Wood Magic, Water Magic, Ice Magic, Glass Magic, and Crystal Magic, Sand Magic has a 0.9x clash disadvantage.
  • Against Acid Magic and Earth Magic, Sand Magic has a 0.8x clash disadvantage.
  • Against Explosion Magic, Lightning Magic, and Metal Magic, Sand Magic has a 0.7x clash disadvantage.
  • Against Magma Magic, Sand Magic has a 0.6x clash disadvantage.

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Additionally, Sand Magic has a neutral clash power against Plasma Magic and Snow Magic. Meaning, it possesses neither a clash advantage nor a disadvantage.

Final Words

Sand Magic is a well-rounded base Magic with a unique “Sandy” status effect, slightly obscuring the target’s vision and dealing damage over time. Overall, Sand Magic is a solid choice for any player looking to explore the world of the Arcane Odyssey.



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