Arcane Odyssey Crystal Magic Guide

Arcane Odyssey is an adventure game set in a vast and magical world. The game features a variety of magical powers and abilities, as well as a dynamic combat system that allows players to engage in thrilling battles with enemies.

However, if you need a high chance of defeating enemies in combat while playing the Arcane Odyssey, mastering Crystal Magic is crucial.

As we proceed in this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about one of the Arcane Odyssey’s powerful tools, “Crystal Magic.”


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Arcane Odyssey ~ Crystal Magic

Crystal Magic is a starter base magic with many color variations that inflicts the Bleeding Status Effect if an attack deals over 30% of the target’s total health. It has similar stats and mechanics to Earth and Wood Magic, but with some differences.

Crystal is slightly faster than Earth but is on par with Wood Magic, possessing better clashes but worse damage interactions. Crystal’s best synergies are with magics that passively cause bleeding, such as Glass and Paper.


It also has synergy with Acid, Magma, and Sand. There is no magic that is inherently bad to use with Crystal, but to maximize the potential of bleeding, certain magic types are recommended, such as Glass, Acid, Magma, and Sand.

Crystal Magic ~ Clash Advantage

  • 6x clash advantage against Wind Magic.
  • 5x clash advantage against Glass Magic.
  • 2x clash advantage against Ash Magic.
  • 1x clash advantage against Sand Magic.
  • 1x clash advantage against Snow Magic.

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Crystal Magic ~ Clash Disadvantage

  • 6x clash disadvantage against Iron Magic.
  • 5x clash disadvantage against Gold Magic.
  • 7x clash disadvantage against Explosion Magic.
  • 8x clash disadvantage against Earth Magic.


Crystal Magic is a starter Base Magic that can cause the Bleeding status effect if an attack deals over 30% of the target’s total health. It has the most color variations and is similar to Earth and Wood, but with differences. It works best with Glass, Paper, Acid, Magma, and Sand magic.


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