Ancient Dragon Prayerbook – Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Ancient Dragons were controllers of red lightning. Gamers will learn numerous powerful Incantations using this Ancient Dragon Prayerbook.

Elden Ring has numerous powerful incantations, and players can wield the might of the ancient dragons’ red lightning when they get the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook. Incantations are spells that scale with Faith and are cast by a sacred seal. Gamers will equip these incantations after they have memorized them at any Site of Grace.

There are different ways to learn new Incantations in Elden Ring. Furthermore, gamers will bring any Prayerbooks they find to an NPC tutor. It is the NPC tutor that will assist them to learn the spells.


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To find the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook in Elden Ring, players will have to make it to Crumbling Farum Azula. It is a floating island that can only be reached after players defeat the Fire Giant boss and agree to assist Melina to burn the erdtree.

When players arrive at the first Site of Grace, they can go toward the west along the inner circle of the ruin until they reach the end with the large arch. When players approach the Site of Grace, at the ruin to the left, there is a Crumbling Beast Grave Depths there.


Elden Ring players can go into the torchlit hall before them from the Site of Grace. There’s a large archway on the opposite side of the room, this archway leads to a large stone staircase with a few branching paths.

After gamers have taken the stairs down to the lowest floor, they’ll find the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook on the pile of debris in the center of the room.

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Inopportunely, some Elden Ring enemies may scare players. Once a player gets into the room, they rush in to attack the player from different corners of the room. Due to this, you must eliminate them before taking the prayerbook.

How To Use The Ancient Dragon Prayerbook

You make use of the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook to unlock the powerful ‘Lightning Strike and Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear Incantations. With the Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Spear, you create red lightning in the caster’s hand. It is very useful when performing a powerful stabbing attack from up.

On the other hand, the Lightning Strike comes with many bolts of red lightning from the sky. The powerful red lightning will eliminate all the enemies close to the caster.


You are to take the Ancient Dragon Prayerbook to one of Elden Ring’s “learned clerics” who will teach them these Incantations. You also have to visit Brother Corhyn in Elden Ring’s Roundtable Hold and miriel, Priest of Vows in Liurnia’s Church of Vows. These NPCs accept the Prayerbook.

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It will unlock the opportunity to buy magic from their shops. Suppose you travel far in the map, Brother Corhyn will move to Goldmask’s location in Altus Plateau. Just like most Incantations, a high enough Faith stat will be needed to cast these spells. For instance, the Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike requires 26 Faith or more, while Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear needs 32.


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