15 Interesting Movies Like The Hating Game

best movies like the hating game

Movies have their attractions as well as the folks that find them interesting and this is the case with a lot of movies that have been released thus far. The Hating Game is one movie and it is centered on the tale of two rivals who end up falling in love with various bouts of rivalry. 

The idea is fun and many movie enthusiasts are on the lookout for such movies. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with 15 interesting moves like The Hating Game that you will enjoy. Please read on.

The Hating Game (Plot)

The Hating Game is a 2021 movie that tells the story of two corporate rivals. After the merger of their separate publishing companies, Lucy and Josh, who are both executive assistants, must work together in the same office. However, they can’t stand working with each other. 

They are opposites in every way possible, but the rivalry gets worse and reaches a climax when they compete against one another for the same promotion.

Lucy is determined to attain professional success without compromising her principles, so she makes the decision to engage in a vicious game with Josh and her goal is to win.

However, a seemingly mundane elevator journey suddenly turns passionately romantic in a matter of moments, and it ends up being more complicated than she would have hoped.

Lucy starts to doubt everything about her relationship with Josh, even the thin line that separates loving someone and despising them, as her affection for her supposed rival Josh grows stronger.

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15 Best Movies Like The Hating Game

Find the best movies like The Hating Game in 2022 below.

1. Drive Me Crazy (1999)

This is a fantastic teenage movie that addresses the stereotypes that are typically associated with teens and turn them on their heads. The story is based on Nicole and Chase who become friends and start planning protests after infiltrating a popular high school clique. Meanwhile, the movie has its share of adult content and young viewers should beware.

The movie sees Nicole give Chase a makeover. To increase their chances of landing a date, the two of them act as though they are a couple and eventually fall for each other.

2. The Ugly Truth (2009)

The movie stars Katherine Heigl as Abby. She is a tense morning show producer who runs a program on love advice with a sexist presenter named Mike Chadway played by Gerard Butler. 

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Mike gives Abby a set of chores to do in order to find her ideal partner so that he may demonstrate his love beliefs. 

However, the two of them have a perplexing run-in when staying in a hotel while traveling for business, which causes their relationship to take an unexpected turn. 

3. Sweet Home Alabama (2002) 

Melanie Carmichael, who hails from Alabama, stars in this endearing movie alongside Reese Witherspoon. Melanie is a successful and rising fashion designer in New York City, and she is engaged to marry the handsome son of the mayor. 

However, nobody is aware that she is legally still married to her high school sweetheart. A visit to Melanie’s hometown in Alabama brings back long-forgotten recollections and friendships, as well as a love she never imagined she’d feel again. 

4. Two Night Stand (2014) 

The movie stars Jennifer Garner and Lio Tipton. It is a romantic comedy where a snowstorm results in a one-night stand between Miles and Megan, played by Jennifer and Lio respectively.

Both parties initially regret spending the night together, but because of the weather, they grow closer than they had anticipated and are forced to rethink their decision. 

5. No Longer Heroin (2015)

It is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a high school student who discovers love while being caught in the middle of a love triangle. 

The movie addresses topics such as love, particularly first love, as well as the competition that exists between schoolgirls. It differs from other movies on female sexuality due to the many distinguishing traits that it possesses. 

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6. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

The movie stars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey as a couple who covertly wager on the future of their relationship.

Benjamin Barry, an executive in advertising, wagers that he can make any woman fall in love with him in ten days while Andie Anderson, a columnist, is working on a piece titled “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.” 

The couple’s relationship is fraught with tension, precariousness, and intrigue as a result of the opposing goals that are at play.

7. This Means War (2012)

This is an entertaining spy thriller but it is possible that some viewers will find the film’s gritty nature to be a little bit offensive. Meanwhile, if you are a fan of Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, you will find it entertaining. 

It tells the story of two CIA operatives fighting to win the affection of the same woman. The two men have genuine intentions but have fundamental flaws in their character. This scenario contributes to the overall enjoyment and general appeal of the film. 

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8. Dancing Queen (2012)

Dancing Queen is a Korean movie made by JK Film and stars Uhm Jung-Hwa and Hwang Jung-min. The story is abut a couple who go in search of individual happiness after the breakdown of their marriage. The movie was officially released to the public on January 18, 2012.

9. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) 

The movie tells the story of a pretty girl Bianca, played by Larissa Oleynik, and her sister Kat, who are not permitted to date until their father modifies the rule to say that if one of them goes on a date, the other must have one too. 

Although it seems like a no-brainer for Bianca to go out on a date with the new kid Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Kat’s opportunities for romance are limited. 

Regardless, everything changes for both of them the moment that she and the mysterious Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) come into contact with one another. 

10. Set It Up (2018)

This movie is based on the story of two assistants as they concoct a nefarious scheme to bring their overbearing superiors together. 

Rick is a very aggressive executive who has been able to achieve success in business as a result of his personality. However, he has made his position intolerable to his employees as a result of his aggressive nature.

11. The Proposal (2009)

The movie stars Sandra Bullock playing the role of Margaret, a publishing executive who was born in Canada and stays in the United States. 

However, she is in danger of being deported and can get her green card if she marries Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), who is her assistant.

In return, she will give Andrew a promotion, and the two of them will have to prove to a suspicious INS agent that their connection is genuine. 

Margaret will offer Andrew the promotion. However, everything changes after Andrew and his girlfriend travel to visit Andrew’s parents. 

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12. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

In this classic movie, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan do an outstanding job as competitors. Kathleen is the sole proprietor of a quaint bookstore while Joe, who runs a bookshop chain, is trying to end Kathleen’s business. 

The duo meet online but do not know each other initially. However, as they embark on an online romance, unpleasant real-life interactions are revealed.

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13. Life As We Know It (2010)

This movie stars Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel as respective best friends of a couple who are killed in a terrible car accident. 

Because their friends have passed away, Holly and Eric have been given the responsibility of looking after the child of their friends who is now an orphan. 

Seeing how much Holly and Eric dislike each other, this is a difficult task to undertake. However, they decide to take care of the infant. Things get complicated as Holly and Eric move from resentful co-parents to lovers.

14. The Other Woman (2014)

It is a no-brainer that it is not advisable to be in a sexual relationship with a man who is in a committed relationship. It’s even more complicated when the man has many mistresses.

As a result of the woman’s inability to tolerate the current state of circumstances, she develops a thirst for blood and plots her revenge. 

For her plans to be successful, she cooperates with the wife of the traitor, and the results of this alliance of women scorned are nothing short of destructive.

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15. The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)

The story centers on royalty and sabotage, and Anne Hathaway plays the role of Princess Mia Thermopolis Renaldi.

It is discovered that an ancient Genovian rule mandates that an upcoming queen must be married before ascending to the throne. This causes Mia, who is on track to succeed her grandmother as the Queen of Genovia, to be confused.

Meanwhile, a viscount with an insatiable appetite for power seizes the opportunity to place his nephew, Nicholas Devereaux (Chris Pine), in the running for the position of monarch. 

Due to the ancient Genovian rule, Mia is given a month to find a husband, and during this time, she and Nicholas get closer to one another. 


We’ve provided you with 15 interesting movies like The Hating Game and they are all romance based and will ensure that you get the excitement you are looking for. Do well to take advantage of the romantic movies we’ve mentioned in this article and have some fun in the process.


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