Space Shooter Codes

Space Shooter, created by OneSoft Global, is an arcade-style shooting game. Its objective is to safeguard the planet Earth from a perilous extraterrestrial attack by utilizing your spaceship.

If you enjoyed playing Galaxian and Galactica, you may discover Space Shooter intriguing as it presents a contemporary approach to these games. It offers over 200 levels, a selection of fighter ships, thrilling boss battles, and a PvP mode. Space Shooter can be accessed on Android and iOS platforms.

Space Shooter codes are unique codes that game developers distribute to players via their official social media accounts or occasionally on the game’s forum website.

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These codes are designed to grant players different rewards within the game, such as in-game currencies or items.

Generally, the codes provide either the standard currency, which can be earned through gameplay, or premium in-game currencies. By entering and using these codes, players can obtain the specified rewards in Space Shooter.

Space Shooter Codes

  • ROLSK (Valid until August 11)

How to redeem Space Shooter codes

To redeem Space Shooter gift codes, follow these instructions:

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  1. Launch the game and tap the menu icon located at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the gift code button from the menu.
  3. Enter one of the active Space Shooter gift codes provided above into the designated text area.
  4. Click the OK button to collect your reward.
  5. Enjoy your game


Space Shooter is an arcade-style shooting game developed by OneSoft Global. Players take on the role of a spaceship pilot defending Earth from an alien invasion.

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With its modern take on classic games like Galaxian and Galactica, Space Shooter offers over 200 levels, various fighter ships, intense boss battles, and a PvP mode.

The game can be played on Android and iOS devices. Players can also receive rewards by redeeming unique Space Shooter codes, which are shared through official social media accounts or the game’s forum.

These codes provide in-game currencies or items, and players can enter them by accessing the gift code button in the game’s menu. Following the provided instructions allows players to collect their rewards and enhance their gameplay experience.

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