Rush Royale Merging Guide And Tips

This post provides you with a guide and some of the best tips to merge and level up your card In Rush Royale. The cards you’re merging need to be on the same level, and you can tell by this border thing around them.

If it’s a circle, it’s a Rank 1 unit, and If it’s a sort of oval pointy thing, it’s Rank 2. Let’s dive Into the full tips, and guide you to merge your card In the game.

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Best Tips To Merge Your Card In Rush Royale

Don’t Rush Into Merging

  • Don’t be in a hurry to smash the units together.
  • Start by filling your board with Rank 1 cards.
  • Take your time, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your card army.

Hold off on Merging The Heavy Cards

  • Those high DPS cards may look tempting, but resist the urge to merge them right out of the gate.
  • Instead, summon more units or level up what you’ve got.
  • Boosting your Mana Power can be a game-changer, and sometimes it’s better than rolling the merging dice too early.

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Merge Smart, Not Fast

  • Merging is a bit of a gamble.
  • You’re not always sure what you’re going to end up with.
  • So, be strategic.
  • Only merge when your board is full, or if you’re stuck with some less-than-awesome cards.
  • Don’t let a bad merge throw a wrench in your game speed.
  • If your starting lineup is Grindstone, Banner, Hex, and the gang, then it’s time to merge.
  • But merging at the right moment.

Focus on Board Fill-Up

  • If you are just starting the game, Just focus on getting every inch of your board occupied.
  • You’ve got 15 slots, and you want them all filled up.

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  • Once your board is full of units, that’s when you should merge.
  • Timing is important in this game, and it’s not about how fast you merge, but the moment you merge.

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