Cool Steps To Obtain Free Legendary Cards in Rush Royale

Are you looking to get free Legendary cards In Rush Royale? I have got you covered. Legendary cards are the rarest gems In the game and everyone wants them.

These cards are the bosses of skills, and they are way stronger than other cards. And the best part is, you can start using them right away without any upgrades because they’re already more powerful than a bunch of other cards.

However, there are 18 of these cards for you to discover and add to your deck. In this post, you will learn different ways you can obtain free Legendary cards In Rush Royale.


Let’s dive In.

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3 Ways To Get Legendary Cards In Rush Royale For Free

1. Save The Gold

Getting legendary cards in Rush Royale without spending a cent can be easy, just start by accumulating gold. Every time you open a wooden chest, steel chest, or any other chest that comes your way, a bit of gold rains down.

Save up that gold stash like it’s the last cookie in the jar. Keep collecting gold, a little here, a little there, until you’ve got 40,000 gold coins sitting in your virtual wallet.

After gathering that amount, Keep a close eye on the shop. When that legendary card you’ve been dreaming of finally shows up in the shop window, it’s time to buy.


You’re not just buying a card; you’re making a strategic move, and watching your deck transform from average to legendary.

2. Legend Chest

As you move through the game, you’ll hit trophy milestones. Cross the 1950 trophy mark and you will unlock your first Legend Chest.

Also, reach 3950 trophies, and Legend Chest number two is now in your hands. As you level up In the game, you are getting closer to getting the legendary card.


Talking about the Rush Royale season free pass, get to tier 53, and your first free Legend Chest is waiting for you. Keep climbing, hit tier 103, and there’s your second chest.

Then again, the F2P (free-to-play) trick is to complete your daily quests. Every quest completed is a step on the ladder to obtain the legendary card. So, pull up trophies, claim your Legend Chests from the trophy road, and snatch freebies from the season pass.

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3. Season Chest And Enchanted Chest

In Rush Royale, not all chests are created equal when it comes to legendary card possibilities. Sure, you can find legendary cards in various chests, but the chances can be slim.

However, there are clever ways to squeeze legendary cards out of these chests. One fantastic way is the Season Chest, a hidden gem in the Rush Royale game.

Once you hit the 4000-trophy mark, you’re in the big leagues. At the end of each season, a Season Chest slides your way.


Open It, and who knows, you may just find that legendary card hiding inside. It’s a surprise gift at the end of a gaming season.

Then there’s the Enchanted Chest, which becomes available after conquering all the levels of the season pass. Spend 1000 tokens, open the chest, and while the odds of getting a legendary card may not be high, it’s still a chance worth taking.

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Also, the Master Chest and the Grandmaster Chest. These bad boys are up for grabs in the shop, but they come with a price tag. The Master Chest demands 600 crystals, while the Grandmaster Chest is 2000 crystals.

However, my advice is that you should walk carefully. Buying them may be tempting, but it’s a game of chance. If you have some extra cash to burn, go for it.

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