How To Get Dark Spiritual Orb In ASTD

If you’re looking for how to get Dark Spiritual Orb Astd, you’re at the right website as we will share all the necessary guides to this. As a gamer of All-Star Tower Defense, this is an anime-based eponymous Roblox game that requires you to use many power-ups. There are many items available to use in the different Anime and Manga series.

The Dark Spiritual Orb will allow you to get numerous anime-inspired abilities or buffs when you complete any Raid, Challenges, and Trials.

The game also has an Orb shop where you can shop for Orbs with Gems. The most Orb every gamer has ever sort after is the Dark Spiritual Orb. With this Orb, you can slow down enemies and deal great damage to all air foes when you reach the last upgrade.


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With that said, we will be looking at how you can obtain the Dark Spiritual Orb in All Star Tower Defense.

How to Get The Dark Spiritual Orb in Roblox All Star Tower Defense

Before you can have access to the Dark Spiritual Orb, you must have completed Challenge 3 (Bleach Challenge). It is called the Bleach challenge because the enemy units and their bosses are located in the Bleach Anime and Manga series. With that said, you should know also that to complete Challenge 3, you must be at Level 100.


Challenge 3 is the final challenge in the All-Star Tower Defense. Challenge 3 is made up of 16 rounds of defense unlike the 15 rounds of most matches.

At this challenge, you will encounter many enemies with unique abilities and different fighting tactics called Elementals. Due to their great power, they can’t be easily defeated without using some manual abilities and with other iconic units.

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These later foes are agile and have more endurance than every other foe you must have faced in the game.

How to Get The Dark Spiritual Orb

After you have defeated many waves up to Wave 16, the boss of the game will appear. When the boss is spawned, every other foe in the area that is not inspired by the Bleach anime will be awarded 60 seconds of stun effect. This will make them lose mobility during the period.

This is effective on all the foes except Douma, Whis, SusanO-O, and Lance Mech. You will need to attack and defeat the boss as soon as it spawned. This is because it will unleash 55 damage every 30 seconds.


Once you have defeated the boss, the Dark Spiritual Orb will be released to you. You can then upgrade your Ikki (Dark) Ichigo unit in All Star Tower Defense.

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Final Thoughts

We believe this article will help you how to get Dark Spiritual Orbs in the All Star Tower Defense. Do well to bookmark and check on us often.


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