Ever Legion Tier List (Best Heroes)

This post provides a tier list of Ever Legion’s best heroes. This Ever Legion Tier list will give you insights when selecting some of the heroes you intend to acquire.

Having the best heroes in your team can be the difference between a defeat, and victory, however, always make sure you prioritize the best heroes with the most outstanding abilities.

While it is not every hero that is worth adding to your team, many of these guys are packed with all you need to defeat the opponents.


That said, In this post, you will learn about some of the best heroes In Ever Legion that you can invest in, and heroes that aren’t worth it but could be valuable.

Let’s get to it.

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Ever Legion Tier List – A Heroes

Choosing the best heroes for your team is crucial, and here, I will introduce you to some A-tier heroes who might not be the very best, but they’re worth considering if you want a strong lineup.

1. Grukzag

Grukzag may not be the most formidable warrior out there, but with the right upgrades and gear, he can hold his own in battle.

2. Kulgaz

Kulgaz is a reliable choice for your team. His tanky attributes and defensive skills make him a valuable frontline hero who can soak up damage and protect your other heroes.


3. Heinrich

Heinrich is your go-to support hero in the A-tier. He is brilliant in healing and buffing your team, ensuring they stay in the fight for longer.

4. Psyche

Psyche brings a dose of magic to your squad, and her abilities can turn the tide of battle in your favor if used strategically.

5. Aello

Aello is known for her agility and speedy attacks. She can eliminate enemy threats and keep your team safe.


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6. Armog

Armog is a versatile hero with strong defensive and offensive capabilities. His ability to taunt enemies makes him a great choice for drawing aggro away from your more fragile team members.

7. Puith

Puith ranged attacks can be devastating, especially when equipped with the right gear that improves her critical hit rate.


8. Maeve

Maeve is an assassin who impresses at taking out high-value targets quickly. Her skills make her a tricky opponent to deal with.

9. Arawn

Arawn is a formidable warrior with crowd-control abilities. He can stun and disrupt enemy formations, giving your team a significant advantage in battles.

10. Blodeuweth

Blodeuweth can deal massive damage to groups of enemies.


These A-tier heroes offer a mix of skills and attributes that can make them valuable additions to your team.

While they may not be at the very top of the hierarchy, their reliability and effectiveness in various situations make them solid investments for your Ever Legion adventures.

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Ever Legion Tier List – B Heroes

While you’re on your quest for the best, you might come across some B-tier heroes. They may not be one of the very best, but in certain situations, they can still impress.

1. Heinrich

Heinrich, a support hero, brings healing abilities to the table. While not the top choice, his supportive role can be valuable in PvP scenarios where sustainability matters.

2. Chretien

Chretien is a well-rounded warrior with a balance of offense and defense. He can be a decent choice for general use, but be ready to replace him once you acquire stronger heroes.


3. Tam

Tam is a marksman hero known for his attacks. In specific situations, he can deal significant damage, particularly in long-range engagements.

4. Kveldor

Kveldor is a durable tank hero. When you need a hero to soak up damage, he can step in but don’t rely on him for top-tier performance.

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5. Katerina

Katerina’s magical skills can be advantageous in battles where your strategy involves overwhelming foes with spells. These B-tier heroes are like those versatile tools you have in your toolbox, you might not use them every day, but they serve their purpose.

They can be valuable in certain scenarios, such as specific PvP matchups or when you’re still building your hero collection. However, they’re not your long-term investments.

Ever Legion Tier List – C Heroes

As you move through the game, you’ll inevitably stumble upon some C-tier heroes. To put it bluntly, these heroes are not advised for most scenarios. While they might have a glimmer of potential at the very beginning of your adventure, they lose their luster.


1. Royal Priest

The Royal Priest’s abilities fall short compared to other heroes, making them a lackluster choice for most players. Their limited skills limit their growth potential.

2. Royal Guard

Despite their name, the Royal Guard doesn’t offer much in terms of defense or offense as their utility in battles is minimal.

3. Ogre Warrior

The Ogre Warrior may appear formidable, but their power flats quickly. With only two skills at their disposal, they lack the versatility needed to tackle tougher challenges.


4. Chaos Shaman

The Chaos Shaman’s abilities lack the punch needed to make a significant impact in battles.

5. Forest Spirit

While the Forest Spirit may have a unique charm, their potential is fixed due to their limited skill set.

6. Forest Guardian

Like the Forest Spirit, the Forest Guardian loses fast when it comes to power. They are not recommended for most in-game tactics.


7. Undead Swordsman

The Undead Swordsman’s narrow skill holds them back in terms of usefulness in the later stages of the game. However, It’s advisable to avoid investing resources in these heroes and focus on acquiring and upgrading higher-tier characters that offer more versatility and power.

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Ever Legion Tier List – S Heroes

S+ tier heroes are arguably the best heroes In Ever Legion. These are the conquerors who will not only escort you on your adventure but lead you to victory.


1. Aeyastra

Aeyastra is a force to be reckoned with. Her versatile abilities, including crowd control and damage-dealing skills, make her a cornerstone of many successful teams.

2. Theadril

Theadril combines offense and support seamlessly, and his healing and damage-dealing capabilities make him a versatile asset in any encounter.

3. Esia & Arnoth

This dynamic duo offers exceptional synergy. Esia excels in crowd control, while Arnoth dishes out damaging attacks. Together, they form an unstoppable team.


4. Melial

Melial attacks can destroy foes in a flash, and with the right gear, she becomes an unstoppable force of nature.

5. Alexios

Alexios is brilliant at soaking up damage and protecting your team.

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6. Nyras

Nyras thrives in eliminating high-priority targets.

7. Vivienne

Vivienne can control the battlefield, and her outbreaks can turn the tide of battle in your favor, especially when used strategically.

8. Kthir

Kthir is a fighter who can deal both many damage. This adaptability makes him a valuable addition to any team composition.


9. Razhul

Razhul specializes in critical hits, with the right gear, he can rain destruction upon your enemies.

10. Alexandria

Alexandria is reliable, and she can keep your team in top shape. These S-tier heroes are the best, and they can impress in different aspects of the game, when equipped with the right tools, they become unstoppable forces of nature.

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