Zombie Business Tycoon Codes – February 2024

In this post, I will share with you an active code that you can use right now to improve your firm. And also, you will learn the step-by-step guide on how you can redeem these codes on Zombie Business. The best part is:

You can redeem these codes for free. In this exciting new Roblox game, your mission is simple: grab zombies, put them on spins, make zombie liquid, and trade it for currency.

If you would love to be the leading zombie catcher and rake in the riches, then you need to redeem these codes right away.


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Let’s get to it.

Active Zombie Business Tycoon Codes

  • hdmete00—Redeem for $10 in-game
  • ZombiesHaveRightsToo—Redeem for $4 in-game

Step By Step Guide On How To Redeem Codes In Zombie Business

If you’re keen to open fantastic rewards in Zombie Business Tycoon, here’s a thorough guide on how to redeem codes:

Step 1. Open Roblox And Launch Zombie Business

Make sure you have Roblox running on your device, then locate the Zombie Business Tycoon game and establish it.

Step 2. Complete The Tutorial

Before you can access the code redemption feature, you’ll need to complete the in-game tutorial. This step is crucial for new players to understand the game mechanics.


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Step 3. Press The Three Lines Button

Inside the game, keep an eye out for a button that consists of three horizontal lines, typically found in the corner of your screen. This button is your way to the Shop menu.

Step 4. Tap On The Gift Box Button

Within the Shop menu, you’ll notice a different icon resembling a gift box. This icon is your portal to the code redemption screen, then tap on it.


Step 5. Enter The Code

On your screen, a text box should appear once you’ve selected the gift box icon. This is where you’ll input the code you wish to redeem. Be careful when typing the code to avoid any errors.

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Step 6. Tap On the Checkmark

After you’ve successfully entered the code, locate the checkmark button and tap on it. If the code is valid, your rewards will be immediately credited to your account.


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