Yugioh Master Duel Tier List

yugioh master duel tier list

YuGiOh Master Duel gives presents you with your first deck at the tutorial. You can also skip this deck if you have played the game before or had a similar experience.

Looking at the best cards to field in the game. That calls for the use of great cards that can help you win a war. And offers more tactics such as the Synchro Summons done against difficult opponents. And these cards have become of less usage when fighting with realworld opponents.

Fortunately, you’re allowed to select three cards to start with when you finish the tutorial. The cards presented to you have more skills and powers than those used in the tutorial. But, if you haven’t played the game before, you won’t know the best card to select for a start.

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That’s the importance of this article. We are to list and guide you on the purpose you should choose a card.





Synchro of Unity


This card helps unite both the old and new mechanics of the game. It’s very useful if you’re an old player looking at experiencing the newer mechanics.

Starter selection

Spellbook of Prophecy


This card uses the Xyz summons mostly. It can also deal with powerful Syncro and Link monsters if you put in the effort needed.


Power of the Dragon


If you haven’t been dueling for a very long time. Then, Power of the Dragon is the best deck for you. It makes your gameplay easy with its monsters that can attack very fast. Note that these cards can be easily defeated by those wielding the same tactics. These cards also come with spells and traps which it employs during battles.

Starter selection

Link Generation


Deck A makes use of monster titles as a

Starter selection

mechanic, developing itself around the “Cyberse” subset of creatures. If you’re an old player of this game, you can understand it easily.

Magical of Pendulum


This card is meant for classic players. Even though the Pendulum mechanic is very powerful, it takes time to master.


Re-Contract Universe


This deck combines monster titles with XYZ summons will create a narrow learning path for its users. Once you master it, you will enjoy the deck and make good use of it. You have to think hard to get the best out of it.


Rage of Cipher


This is a newly added card in the game. And it’s very powerful. And it focuses on the use of XYZ mechanic which might be confusing to you.


YuGiOh Master Duel best Synchro x Xyz Festival decks

Since the Synchro x Xyz Festival event is ongoing now. We will add some of the best Synchro x Xyz Festival decks to our list continuously. Always check the list out.

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YuGiOh Master Duel deck tier list – best N/R decks

The cards we have assembled here are gotten from intense research work. This is to enable you to have a good gaming experience.

Getting these cards is not easy. So, we are going to list the entire cards here, their deck name, and their abilities. this will help you make the right choice of card to choose.

The first five of the cards listed here were gotten from the YouTuber, Lithium2300. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel to get more cards.

Best YuGiOh Master Duel N/R decks for the N/R festival

Gadgets (card list)

If you’re looking at strategizing your Yugi or Leo. These cards are known for their swarming ability to swarm enemy opponents. It also encourages loads of more deck summons. And its spells and traps are big threats to enemies.

Yosenju Tenyi (card list)

You can summon these particular cards when you have an empty field. It has great banish effects to deal great damage to enemies.

Metalfoes (card list)

As far as you can hack Pendulum monsters. Metalfoes are a great choice of cards to field.

Megalith (card list)

These cards are focused on fusion summons. When you field them, you will get cards like Senju and Manju. It also allows for extra decks.

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Cyber Dragon (card list)

Cyber Dragon is a very powerful deck. And if not all the gamers play the card. Once fielded, it grabs other Cyber Dragon cards from other extra decks to augment its power. And the DNA present will see that you have a full field of machines.

YuGiOh Master Duel Tier List – Best Packs




Valiant Wings


This card is a game changer for the foreseeable events to come.

The Beyond Speed


The Beyond Speed brings the newly introduced physical cards into the game. Its confusion is a great strategy to employ.

The Ruler’s Master


This card is a sister to the card above. Just that it takes a little grinding to master its tactics.

Stalwart Force


Stalwart Force implores the cards you use most in the game into a single set of cards. You can use the card to get all your most used cards in one piece.

Revival of Legends


The cards here are like hit-and-miss when paired in its competitive viability,

Master Pack


This card is useful when you don’t know the card to field.

The generalized Master Pack helps you get the good cards to go with to battle.

Even Master Duel has a lot to do with pre-built decks. It’s another strategic way to get into action. But applying for this card always won’t help you win a battle. So, you should look at developing customized cards and develop them to deliver powerful damages.

To get more custom cards you can customize them. You have to open packs in the game and luckily, you get great cards to develop. And to help you make that right choice. We have presented to you the Master Duel list above.

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When there is the introduction of new cards, old cards will be withdrawn. And also, with new cards, you will start to learn their tactics as well. If you’re smart to learn their skills, then you stand at an advantage above others. You can visit our site steadily to learn about them.

We advise you to copy this list of cards as they will be constantly updated with new cards once they’re released.

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