Xenoblade 3: There’s No Ether!!! – Full Guide

In this article, we will be providing you with a reliable guide on how to finish the ‘There’s No Ether!!!” quest in Colony 30 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Where To Begin There’s No Ether Quest

You must have already finished Phase 6 of the Rebuilding Dorrick quest before you can start this regular quest. Almost immediately after you have done so, you will be informed that Colony 30 needs a significant increase in the number of Ether cylinders to proceed with the construction of Dorrick. 

To gain a new information fragment, you will need to travel to the Colony 30 Commissary and listen to the two people talking about the Ether scarcity. The next step is to talk about the ‘Ether Shortage,’ which will kick off this journey. 

Do well to collect the information from the people who are having a conversation about the ether scarcity and then have a conversation about it at a rest point.

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How To Finish There’s No Ether!!! Quest

Your first mission will be to assemble a Nopon force that will accompany you on your expedition to retrieve Ether cylinders. Therefore, you will be expected to have a chat with Pulipuli, Widgewidge, and Dinkidinki, and convince them to travel to the other colonies to acquire Ether cylinders. 

After having a conversation with them, you should proceed to the upper floor of Colony 30 and talk with Repapa. Your next mission is to disperse the army to a variety of colonies. 

Meanwhile, it appears that it does not matter which colonies you choose to send them to, so you can select whichever colonies you prefer. To get to this level, you will need to have successfully freed at least four colonies. 

After that, you will be instructed to travel to one of the colonies that you selected to get an update on the discussions with the Nopon. 

Following your conversation with the Nopon of your choice, you should head back to Repapa in Colony 30 to tally the gathered Ether cylinders. The number of Ether Cylinders you have won’t be sufficient as the goal is 2,500. 

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In addition to this, you will have to disperse the Nopons to the other colonies. You’re going to have to free quite a few more colonies before you can proceed with the game. In addition, completing the main storyline will not be enough; to fully complete the game, you will also need to free some of the optional colonies. 

The number of freed colonies that you’ll need to complete depends on how many you’ve previously accomplished in this mission. It appears that freeing 12 colonies may be enough to proceed with this quest. 

If you have just been freeing colonies as part of the main objective, you might want to consider completing the quests that lead to the liberation of Colony Iota, Colony Mu, and Colony 15. If that isn’t sufficient, you may find that you have to continue with the mission; 

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After liberating enough colonies, assign the Nopons to new locations and then visit one of your chosen colonies. Once again, visiting a Fornis Region colony may be a bit quicker.

Finally, return to Repapa in Colony 30 and count the Ether cylinders again – this time you’ll have enough! You will acquire the stats below at the end.

  • EXP – 3920 EXP
  • Gold – 3680G
  • SP – 3 SP
  • Rewards: None

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