Word Bomb Script – Auto Type Hack And More

Word Bomb Script is an undiscovered and actively functioning hack GUI that is available for free use and can automatically write words for you and we will be making it available to you in this article.

Word bomb can be described as a Roblox game that requires players to input words following the instructions displayed on the screen before the bomb goes off. 

They have two lives, and if they lose both, they are eliminated from the game. It should be known that as time passes in the game, the bomb speeds up making the game more complex for the player.


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Meanwhile, speaking of the number of players, only 9 players can join a server.

Word Bomb Script


How to Use Word Bomb Script?

  1. Copy the word bomb auto farm coin hack
  2. Launch Word Bomb game on Roblox
  3. Launch any working free roblox exploit like Ducky Sploit krnl, or jjsploit, amongst others.
  4. Inject and run the word bomb script in this article.


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