Why Does Blaidd Attack You?

Games developed by FromSoftware would not be what they are without their colorful side characters and NPC storylines. Elden Ring’s characters provide us with entertaining interactions. It also gives us deeper insights into the game’s world and overarching plot.

The unhappiness is understandable when one of our favorite NPCs turns hostile and begins to attack us. We have been able to find out why it happens sometimes. Here are some reasons why Blaidd can attack you in Elden Ring. Despite being a lovely and affable NPC in Elden Ring. Blaidd will become hostile if any of these happens.

  • You attack Blaidd and turn him antagonistic
  • You follow Ranni’s questline and Blaidd turns hostile
  • You killed one of the Runebears before meeting him

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If it interests you to know more about why Blaidd is the likable character that he is, and why he decides to become hostile, we suggest that you keep going through this article. Without further analyses, let us go into the details properly.

Why Does Blaidd Turn Hostile?

The Elden Ring storylines are undoubtedly the cherry on top of an already magnificent game. A player can decide to experience all of the Elden Ring in a single go. But that may not be accomplishable because of how interconnected the lore and storylines are.

Players are frequently left to make tough decisions of sacrifice that lock up an entire fragment of the game. That is what happens when it comes to Blaidd the NPC.

Blaidd is a half-man and half-wolf NPC that can be found in Mistwood Ruins. You will be asked by a man to snap your fingers upon a howl. When you do this, Blaidd will appear for the first time.

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His questline is all cool and rewarding. But what do you have to do when he is not cool but attacks you? Here are some reasons why this may happen.

Attacking Blaidd

The first reason on our list why Blaidd might turn hostile is you attack him first. Just like most other NPCs in Elden Ring and other games developed by FromSoft. Blaidd will proceed to attack you if you were the one who attacked him first.

This act will lock his questline and he will try to kill you every time you come across him. We suggest that you keep your finger off the R1 when interacting with Blaidd if you want to stop this from occurring.

Following Ranni’s Questline

If you decide to pursue the Ranni questline in Elden Ring. Blaidd will attack you even if you were nice around him. This is the reason why as part of the Ranni questline.

A player will have to reach the Lake of Rot, and you will have to defeat Blaidd to achieve this. So, Blaidd will attack the player as a hostile NPC, and completing the Ranni questline requires that you defeat him.

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Killing Runebears

This is a bug that has been reported by so many players in Elden Ring. Some players reported that killing the Runebear in Mistwood would turn Blaidd hostile. This is even before they used the finger snap gesture. Blaidd would come down and attack the players and close off the quest line for that run by doing so.

Some players experienced this bug while others did not. Players playing on an older version of Elden Ring are likely to come across this problem. Some players say that if you find your way to the church of vows and absolve your sins with a celestial dew. The error will be reversed.

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The reasons listed above are what we found as to why Blaidd might attack you in Elden Ring. We suggest that you follow his questline. And if for any reason whatsoever you gain Blaidd’s disapproval. You’re to challenge him to a fight with great rewards waiting for you on the other side.

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