Finding The Safe of Broseidon and Brock’s Safe Key In Dead Island 2

Are you looking for the key to Brock’s safe in Dead Island 2? This post provides you with pieces of information on where you can find it.

As survivors, we often find ourselves scavenging for resources to stay alive, and this key has a lot to do if we have to survive in Dead Island 2.

However, at the end of this post, you will be able to get the key to uncover the hidden treasures.


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Let’s learn.

Broseidon and Brock’s Safe Key Location in Dead Island 2?

Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you find the key to Brock’s safe:

Step 1: Complete The Main Storyline Quest ( Room Service For Major Booker )

Before you can dive into the quest for Brock’s Safe Key, make sure you’ve completed the main storyline quest called “Room Service For Major Booker.”

Step 2: Activate “The Chosen One” Quest

Once you’re done with “Room Service For Major Booker,” the “The Chosen One” quest will begin. You should be ready for some action as you’ll be heading back to Bel Air, specifically to Emma Jaunt’s house.


Step 3: Cross The Goat Pen House

As you make your way back during “The Chosen One” quest, you’ll come across the Goat Pen house. Be there for a while.

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Step 4: Meet Goat Pen Brock (Only at Night)

The key to Brock’s Safe is in the hands of Goat Pen Brock. He only makes his grand entrance at nighttime, stalking around the gym studio or the pool area. So, It’s time to defeat him.


Step 5: Battle Strategies

You can take Goat Pen Brock down easily because he has these decisive attacking moves, and to avoid getting flattened, make sure to jump every time he pounds the ground. It might take a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, you’ll be dancing through his attacks.

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Step 6: Collect Brock’s Safe Key

After a fierce and challenging battle, when you finally manage to defeat Goat Pen Brock, he’ll drop Brock’s Safe Key. Buddies, do not waste a second, just pick it up.


With the key safely in your hands, head over to the computer office studio where the Safe of Broseidon awaits. Open it up, and you will be rewarded with a powerful weapon, Guarding Mace.

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