Where is The Quarry in Grand Theft Auto V

Locating places on GTA 5’s map might be difficult, particularly if the location needs to be indicated on the legend when you first open the map. Places like quarries conceal themselves well.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has undoubtedly one of the most giant maps among all the games. One of the most tiresome activities players must perform to earn the financial incentives they receive for finishing missions is locating locations in the expansive area of Los Santos.

In an attempt to find these hotspots, players have gone above and beyond, from looking for a police station to an underground bunker. The quarry is a spot players eventually lose sight of despite multiple tries. This post explains the quarry’s location and how to locate it on the extensive Los Santos map.


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Where To Find The Quarry in GTA 5

The official name of the quarry, the Davis Quartz mining facility, is located on the extreme east side of the continent in Grand Theft Auto 5.

On the maps of Grand Senora Desert, GTA 5, and GTA Online, it is a mining location situated on Senora Way southeast of the latter.


Merryweather will ignore you if you stroll close to the quarry, even though it frequently patrols the region around it. The location initially appears in the GTA 5-story task Bail Bonds, which Trevor Philips is given by Maude Eccles.

Situated on Senora Way, east of Sandy Shores and southeast of the Grand Senora Desert, lies the quarry known as Davis Quartz.

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Though it seems like a place where labor should be done, GTA 5’s quarry is relatively quiet. Although there are few employees in the area, you may still find a nice variety of vehicles there, including the BeeJay XL, Dump, Landstalker, Dozer, etc.

Compared to its Liberty City-based predecessor, Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA 5 boasts a far larger map. The geography of Grand Theft Auto V is rich, complex, and detailed, including a vast range of terrains from deep woodlands around Paleto Bay to bustling metropolis streets in Los Santos.

Directions To The Quarry in Grand Theft Auto v

All that is required of GTA 5 players is a way to get about. Although they spawn at different sites, helicopters are a faster method.


Offroad cars are a reliable choice. They can traverse a variety of terrains. The players only have to follow the path. Trevor’s car is a suitable substitute.

He resides at Sandy Shores, not far away. Players can also steal one of Blaine County’s many options for getting around the area.

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Final Words

The quarry is primarily deserted and abandoned. Drivers can enter the Davis Quartz directly. Other than tasks, there is little to do here. A few off-road vehicles are available to players, including the Sandking and Landstalker. We hope this post helps you successfully find the quarry in Grand Theft Auto v.

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