What Is MVR In Baseball?

what is mvr in baseball

Folks that attend Major League Baseball games occasionally may have taken note of the scoreboard that has an MVR column. In baseball, MVR is a new concept since 2018 that was set up for the reduction of the number of mound visits in the course of a nine-inning game to speed up action in the play.

Mound visits provide a critical way for managers and teams to come together and work on how to do deploy or what to do next with a batter. 

Questions on what is MVR in baseball abound, especially amongst newbies in the sport. This article will throw more light on the meaning of MVR in baseball, what happens during a mound visit, amongst others. 

What is a Mound Visit?

A mound visit in baseball ensures that the play’s action is halted to allow a meeting with the pitcher and work on various strategies that can be deployed.

Meanwhile, a mound visit usually occurs between the baseball manager and the pitching coach, the catcher, the pitcher, and sometimes the infield team. 

When a mound visit is in progress, discussions will be made between players on how the pitcher feels on the mound, how to pitch to a hitter, if the pitching change should take place, amongst other factors that would contribute to the overall outcome of the game. 

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The duration of a mound visit is 30 seconds or less. If they exceed the stipulated time, the umpire will intervene and break up the meeting.

What is MVR in Baseball?

MVR in baseball can be referred to as an acronym for Mound Visits Remaining during an MLB game. 

Regardless, MLB continues to make efforts to speed up the pace of play of action, and one ideal way is to limit the rate of stoppages during a game.

Going back to 2018, each baseball team could have five mound visits during a nine-inning game. However, if a game goes into extra innings, each team will be handed one additional visit to the mound.

What Counts as an MVR in Baseball?

Let’s consider an example of two sides facing off against each other in a baseball game. For instance, Boston Red Sox against Tampa Bay Rays. 

If the Boston Red Sox coach leaves his dugout to meet with a pitcher to discuss a strategy during the game, this counts as a mound visit against Boston Red Sox. Another example is if a coach comes out of the dugout to meet with a pitcher. This effectively counts as a mound visit.

What are the Exceptions?

The concept of the five mound visits in a baseball game comes with its share of exceptions. 

  • If a pitcher gets injured and needs to be examined by the coach and trainer. If they eventually decide that the pitcher should be taken out or stays put, this won’t count as a mound visit against the MVR count.

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  • Another exception takes place when the catcher and the pitcher are entangled in a cross-up after the arrival of the ball at home plate from the pitcher. It is a norm for pitchers and catchers to have complex signs they use in communicating what pitch is coming. If a cross-up occurs, such that the catcher is expecting a cross ball but is surprised by a fastball, the umpire will allow the two players to meet without any MVR counting.
  • Finally, if a pinch hitter replaces the at-bat of a current player, this will enable the catcher to quickly meet with the pitcher they want. Although this is a rare exception, fans and players must be aware that these short visits do not count as an MVR. Please note that other exceptions can be considered. For instance, if play is halted due to the invasion of a fan or fans disrupting the flow of the game, security can intervene to arrest the situation, and players can use this opportunity to meet on the pitching mound. However, this won’t count against the MVR.

What Happens if a Player or Coach Visits after the 5 Meetings?

If a player or coach makes a mound visit more than 5 times, they can be suspended. However, it is down to the umpires to make the call on if a suspension needs to occur. Meanwhile, to get a proper understanding of this scenario, you can check the MLB rules for violations. 

Summary: What is MVR in baseball?

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MVR can be described as an expansion on the mound visit that occurs when a baseball game is ongoing. A baseball game comes with a limit of 5 mound visits and teams must be strategic when they decide to meet on the mound. 

The idea is to alter the speed of play during a game although the game goes up in time. Some exceptions that determine if a mound visit counts against the MVR or not exist and fans and players must understand what they entail as explained in this article.

Baseball is an exciting sport and this is one aspect of it that adds to its uniqueness. The question of what is an MVR is effectively answered in this article and we hope you leverage the answers provided.